And that was 2019…

the road

Hello Friends!

Somehow we are already midway through December.  2019 is ending pretty soon, and the excitement of a new year is ramping up.  I have many goals for 2020, as I always do at the beginning of a new year… But the big one is that I really want to get back in to blogging!  I miss it!  I miss reading blog posts, I miss writing blog posts, and I miss the wonderful online community of friends that I have basically abandoned for over a year now…

2019 flew by in a blur… Lots of things changed and I tried to resist that change and hold on to a lot of things that I felt defined me…  I am slowly realizing that I may have to change my ideas on what I think defines me as a person… 2020 is shaping up to be filled with more changes, and all the challenges that come with that (especially for someone who seems to resist change like I do).  There is lots to look forward to, but also lots that will be difficult and will push me outside my comfort zone.  Plus, 2020 will probably involve potty training a toddler… Not looking forward to that…

Back in March, when I thought I was going to start blogging again (hahaha!), I had many plans and ideas for posts… Most of which are not totally relevant anymore, and, since my brain is mush, my memories of those topics are quite fuzzy… But that’s okay, I’ll probably start with some simple posts just to get myself back in the habit and can work on remembering all the inspiration I had eventually…

Even when I was not actively posting anything here on my blog, my posts about my bullet journal have remained popular.  I am still bullet journaling, although it has definitely taken a turn from the pretty to the purely utilitarian.  I figure that an easy way to get back in to blogging would be to go over some of my recent bullet journal spreads and ideas.  I have a draft post for my “new bullet journal” that I started back in April of 2018… I’ve since been through at least one more journal, if not two… So there is lots of bullet journaling to catch up on…

Anyway, I hope that you all have a happy holiday season, and I look forward to catching up with all of you as I get back in to blogging in the new year.




And just like that… 2 months go by…

I was so hopeful when I posted that “Hello, Stranger” post at the beginning of March… Things seemed to be falling in to place, and I had found a bit of spare time to blog…

And then the little one got sick, and my husband went away on a trip, and I dog-sat for my sister for spring break, and we had to do some basement clean-up to get some work done down there, and my dog hurt his paw (he’s fine now), and… and… and…

And now, somehow, it is May.  April?  Not sure what happened to that month…

I’m still working on my new normal with work and baby and such… Trying to find the balance that will also let me blog, because I do really enjoy blogging.

Please have patience with me, I’ll figure it out eventually.  Until then, I’ll randomly pop-in to say hi, and hopefully post something interesting…

Hello Stranger… Been a while…


Did you miss me?  Did you wonder where I’d gone?

Yes, it has been a long 6 or so months since I last posted (my June financial update), and a lot has happened, but I don’t want to abandon my blog, and I’d really like to get back in to posting regularly.  (Okay, I never really posted regularly, but I posted occasionally…)

So, before I just jump back in to posting about my goals and my struggles at becoming a better version of me, I figured I would do a quick life update… Continue reading

June 2018 – Financial Update

Well… that month just flew by… And now it’s time for another update on my financial goals:

Goal #1 – Emergency Fund

Human Emergency Fund: $0

Pet Emergency Fund: $1570 (- $2720)

Big decrease in the pet emergency fund this month… Some of it was used to get a lump removed from Bentley’s paw, and regular pet expenses… But then a large portion of it was borrowed to fund other expenses, like upgrading some of my husband’s work equipment.  Those expenses I have put under our “planned spending” account that is labeled “husband’s education fund”… So they don’t fall in to our regular monthly expenses…  Continue reading

May 2018 – Financial Update

I’m late again, but here’s the May update on my financial goals:

Goal #1 – Emergency Fund

Human Emergency Fund: $0

Pet Emergency Fund: $4290 (no change)

We didn’t increase or decrease either of the emergency funds in April, but the pooch has had some issues already this month, so my guess is that the pet emergency fund will have decreased when I do the next financial update in June. Continue reading

1000 items in 2018… May Update

One of my goals for this year is to get rid of 1000 items from our house. The last time I did an update on this goal, back in February, I had parted with 54 items. Since then I haven’t really been putting any effort in to removing things from our house… in fact, we have probably brought in more than 54 new items while preparing for the new arrival.

When I pulled out my record sheet to see where I was at, there did appear to be 1 more X on the sheet, so we were sitting at 55… so, sometime in February or March, I got rid of 1 thing…

In any case, after a few weeks of maternity leave, I started to have enough energy to tackle some projects around the house… which means I’ve started to go through things that have been down in the basement for months and months with our renovations. And things started to leave the house… it helped that my husband was also motivated to get things out of the house!

And then… Barb over at Decluttering the Stuff put out a challenge to get rid of 100 things before May 1st… I joined the challenge thinking it would be motivation to catch up on my decluttering… Continue reading

Baby has Arrived

Today is my due date.  The date that was “scheduled” for baby’s arrival.  We all know that babies are rarely born on their due date, and my little bundle of joy was no exception…

Although, I thought I read somewhere a statistic that first babies have a tendency to be late… And I was 2 weeks late when I was born… So, I sort of had in my mind that this little one would also make a late arrival.  Ha!

He came in to the world on what was supposed to be my last day at work.  I thought I was so ahead of the game, giving myself a week and a half between my last day of work and the expected due date to get everything for the nursery in order.  Nope, I hadn’t even finished passing off all my work yet!  No out-of-office replies had been done… We had luckily purchased the carseat the weekend before, so at least that was done…

Anyway, we are now on day 11 of his existence in this world, and we are slowly sorting out how things work… for now… I know as soon as I figure out this stage, we will be moving on to another… So I will try to keep up on my posting as good as I can, but I make no promises.

I also don’t want to post too much online of baby, but figure I’ll share a couple photos of him here as an introduction.


Road Trip Budget


One of my financial goals for 2018 is to save for our planned California road trip in the fall.  When I posted the goal, I set myself a deadline of March to have a detailed estimate budget sorted out.  And, since March starts this week, I figured I should get this sorted out.

So… What’s the plan?  Well, we don’t really have a plan yet… But, the last time we did a road trip down to California, it was a bit of a rush because we tried to get it done in 7 days… there and back!  For this trip, we will be traveling with a 6 month old baby, and will traveling further in to California, and staying there for a few days for the wedding… So I decided to plan for a 14 day trip this time. Continue reading