2020 – Blogging Goals

In my last post I went over my four overall goals for 2020. I guess they were more themes for goals rather than specific goals… So I want to revisit each one with a bit more details, hopefully working towards a “SMART” goal that I can eventually say that I have definitively met.

I’ll start with #3 from my last post because once I commit to blogging, then I can use the rest of my goals to fulfill the blogging goal…

So… the overarching goal is to “get back to blogging”… In the beginning of my blogging, I think I was posting enough that it averaged out to twice a week over the full year… But as I got more in to it, I actually decreased and in my heyday of blogging (where I had the most views/likes/comments), it looks like once a week was the sweet spot…

With that in mind, my goal for this next chapter of life is to post once a week. It might be a small and insignificant update on a goal or something, but so long as there is something posted once a week…

  • 2020 Blogging Goal #1: post once a week

I think that my most likely time-slot for doing some writing is on Sunday evenings, once I’ve got myself set up for the work week… My reward will be sitting down and writing something… So in theory, my posts should come out on Mondays, but just to give myself a bit of leeway, I’m going to aim for a Tuesday morning publish.

(And yes, I realize that this post is going out on a Wednesday morning, but I hadn’t made this goal yet when I started writing this post, so the goal is for posts moving forward…)

  • Revised 2020 Blogging Goal #1: post once a week on Tuesday morning

Of course, I couldn’t have a goal without putting together a spread in my bullet journal

Part of what I like about blogging is also following along with other people’s journeys. So to add to my writing part of this blogging goal, I want to also get back in to reading other blogs… and commenting… Because those conversations are part of the fun of blogging!

  • 2020 Blogging Goal #2: Read & Comment on 3 to 4 Blog Posts per Week.

Seems like a pretty easy and fun goal, eh?

So there we have it. Two pretty simple goals to help get me back in to regular blogging.

What do you think? Can I do it? Do you have blogging goals for 2020?

Laptop Photo by seth schwiet on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “2020 – Blogging Goals

  1. Of course you can do it, Jena! You are a determined, focused lady. When you make up your mind, you can accomplish anything!
    Right now, I’m in a bit of slump. But I plan to get back into the swing of publishing at least 4 x a week again.

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    • Well… I haven’t really been keeping up with this goal, but thanks! 🙂
      I also don’t really share the messy day-to-day pages of my bullet journal… I go through phases… sometimes I spend time making it pretty, but mostly it is just messy lists.

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