And that was 2019…

the road

Hello Friends!

Somehow we are already midway through December.  2019 is ending pretty soon, and the excitement of a new year is ramping up.  I have many goals for 2020, as I always do at the beginning of a new year… But the big one is that I really want to get back in to blogging!  I miss it!  I miss reading blog posts, I miss writing blog posts, and I miss the wonderful online community of friends that I have basically abandoned for over a year now…

2019 flew by in a blur… Lots of things changed and I tried to resist that change and hold on to a lot of things that I felt defined me…  I am slowly realizing that I may have to change my ideas on what I think defines me as a person… 2020 is shaping up to be filled with more changes, and all the challenges that come with that (especially for someone who seems to resist change like I do).  There is lots to look forward to, but also lots that will be difficult and will push me outside my comfort zone.  Plus, 2020 will probably involve potty training a toddler… Not looking forward to that…

Back in March, when I thought I was going to start blogging again (hahaha!), I had many plans and ideas for posts… Most of which are not totally relevant anymore, and, since my brain is mush, my memories of those topics are quite fuzzy… But that’s okay, I’ll probably start with some simple posts just to get myself back in the habit and can work on remembering all the inspiration I had eventually…

Even when I was not actively posting anything here on my blog, my posts about my bullet journal have remained popular.  I am still bullet journaling, although it has definitely taken a turn from the pretty to the purely utilitarian.  I figure that an easy way to get back in to blogging would be to go over some of my recent bullet journal spreads and ideas.  I have a draft post for my “new bullet journal” that I started back in April of 2018… I’ve since been through at least one more journal, if not two… So there is lots of bullet journaling to catch up on…

Anyway, I hope that you all have a happy holiday season, and I look forward to catching up with all of you as I get back in to blogging in the new year.




3 thoughts on “And that was 2019…

  1. Jena, welcome back! I’ve missed you too!! Be prepared- potty training is a nightmare! lol
    Pee and poop everywhere!! You will learn the location of every bathroom in your city! lol
    Best thing ever- a traveling potty! We always had it in the back of the van. LOTS of baby wipes! And several changes of clothes at all time are essential too!
    Merry Christmas!!

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  2. Hello Jena! We totally understand why your brain is mush – having a newborn/toddler seems to do that to the best of us!

    I’m interested to see how your bullet journaling has changed.

    Have fun with the potty training – it will feel like forever but a bright side is NO MORE DIAPER CHANGES!!

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