January Personal Goals Review – Part 2

I am finally back at home after what seems like an extremely long 3 weeks away for work, and so I was taking a look at what I had posted while I was away…

Did you read my last post?  The one where I was supposed to do a monthly review my personal goals for 2018?  Did you wonder what happened to the last 2 goals?  (My original list had 5… My review only covered 3…)

Yeah… Basically, I just flat out forgot about them… And I didn’t take the time to review my blog to make sure I was being consistent… My bad… (Blogging fail!)

So, let’s just quickly correct that. (And yes, I realize that it is almost time to do another monthly review, but whatever…)

Goal #4: Declutter 1000 Items from our House

As of the end of January, we were at about 54 items decluttered from our house.

January 2018 Decluttering Total

I say “about” because I am pretty sure my husband has gotten rid of other things without keeping track of them.  When I first told him about my goal, he got very enthusiastic about it, and started wanting to toss all sorts of things out… And while that is great, I am a bit more methodical (read: slow) in my processing of things, and did not appreciate the pressure to just get rid of things…  Eventually, we came to an understanding that I wanted to be able to do the processing and getting rid of “my things” at my own pace, and he could do what he wanted with “his things”… But he was on board with helping me get to 1000 items.

Here is a small selection of some of the items that left our house in January:

54 items in a month doesn’t quite add up to 1000 by the end of the year, but it’s a start…

Goal #5: Do 4 Tasks Each Month that I’ve Been Procrastinating

This is a goal that I really wanted to keep better track of than I did… I felt very productive in January in terms of getting things done that I had either already procrastinated for a long time, or I would normally procrastinate on… But I’ll dig back through my bullet journal and see if I can find 4 actual examples…

  • cut Casper’s nails & took him to the vet (annual check-up)
  • bought new bathroom towels (we have not had 2 towels that actually match since we moved in together…)
  • filled out and mailed rebate form for our new gas fireplace
  • bought a Rubbermaid bin to store our Christmas tree in (to replace the cardboard box that is falling apart)
  • finally sorted through all the maternity clothes that I had been given from friends to see what would actually fit me, and what I should pass on to my smaller pregnant friends
  • registered for a course to help me sort out a bunch of paper work for my sports clubs so we adhere to new government regulations for non-profit organizations

So, I would call that a definite success.  The goal is 4… And I completed at least 6!

Okay, so now I have actually reviewed all my personal goals for January…

Did you notice that I missed some of my goals?  Now that we are almost done February, are you still on track for your goals for 2018?


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