Broccoli Soup

A little diversion from normal topics today, I am going to share with you my successful experimental soup recipe that I made on the weekend.  (I say diversion from normal topics, but honestly, I don’t think I have a real consistent theme for my posts anyway, so I guess everything goes… And I actually have done a couple posts about food… )


The Experiment

So, how did this experimental soup come about?  It was Saturday afternoon, and I had just returned home from walking the dog with a friend (and her dog), and I asked my husband what he wanted to do for dinner… But I added in the stipulation that we need to use up the broccoli that was in the fridge… (Broccoli had been on sale that week, and I had bought it with several ideas in mind for my weekly meal plan, but the meals that week didn’t exactly follow the plan, so I had a large amount of broccoli that needed to be used up.)  His immediate suggestion was to add it to soup (it was a very windy, wet, miserable evening here on Saturday – thankfully it was okay while I was out walking the dog.)

That got me thinking about what sort of soup has broccoli in it, and I thought of a cream of broccoli soup that is often on the menu at Tim Hortons, or a cheddar broccoli soup that I see on menus elsewhere… Both of those sound delicious, but maybe not the healthiest… And my favourite soup of all time is potato leek (also maybe not the most healthy soup option, but it’s my favourite, so I’ll just let it go).  Could I make a potato broccoli soup?  But what about adding some protein to the soup?  I know it is important to have protein…  We have some ham in the fridge, I’ll just add that…

And so, this is what came from that train of thought… And it was surprisingly delicious!  Even my husband liked it!

The Recipe

In classic-Jena-cooking-style, I’d rather wing the measuring of things, instead of having to wash measuring cups and spoons, so unfortunately, my “recipe” is very vague in terms of exact amounts.  (I know this means I’ll never be a successful food blogger, but oh well, saves me washing dishes…)  I did, however, remember to take pictures of the process! (I even told my husband that I was going to photograph the experimental process just in case it was successful, and then I could blog about it.  I think his response was some sort of grunt, although, that could have come from the dog, since they were both lounging in the living room at the time…)


  • 5-6 medium potatoes
  • a good “glug” of olive oil
  • one medium onion
  • a couple thick slices of ham
  • 5-6 heads of broccoli
  • one carton of chicken broth
  • a generous sprinkle of nutritional yeast
  • salt & pepper to taste


  1. Get a pot of water boiling on the stove.
  2. Peel and chop potatoes.
  3. Cook potatoes in said boiling water.
  4. While the potatoes are cooking, heat the olive oil in a soup pot.
  5. Dice the onion and cook in the olive oil until slightly translucent.
  6. Dice the ham and add to the onions.
  7. Chop the broccoli up and add to the onions and ham.
  8. By now, the potatoes should be pretty well cooked, so drain them, but keep some of the cooking liquid.
  9. Add the potatoes and a little bit of the cooking liquid to the onion-ham-broccoli mixture.
  10. Empty the carton of chicken broth in to the pot as well.
  11. Cook this until the potatoes and broccoli are starting to fall apart.
  12. Take off the heat, and use an immersion blender to blend up the soup to the desired consistency.  (I left a few chunks in mine, partially because I was lazy, but partially because my husband says overly blended soup makes him think of baby food…)
  13. Stir in the nutritional yeast, and add salt and pepper to taste (I didn’t actually add any salt because the ham added enough salty flavour, but I did add pepper because I like peppery flavour.)
  14. Serve!


The Result

I am very happy with the result.  It provided us with about 3 meals worth of soup and is all gone now.  I had thought I would have to freeze some of it (may have also been hoping there was enough to freeze some for a later meal), but we ate it all up – which is always a good sign when experimenting with food.  So, I am blogging this recipe in order to save it for future use for myself as well!

Do you experiment in the kitchen?  Or do you always follow a recipe?


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