Another Renovation Update…

A while back, when I shared my plan for organizing the kitchen storage, I said I would share a full renovation update soon.  I figured that now is as good a time as any, so let’s give you a rundown on how things are going…

Last night, my husband and I went through each room and made a “hit-list” to give to our contractor on what we think is left to do, and I attempted to take photos (though without lights installed in any of the rooms it was difficult to get quality photos).  Let’s go through each room like we did…


The first room we started with was the kitchen, so you’d think that it’d be done by now, right?  Well… not quite…

As you can see, there has been some progress, but we are still not quite there yet.  The painters are working on the walls and ceiling, so the cupboards are covered in plastic.  And apparently the counter-top is supposed to arrive this week?  Then it should be a matter of getting the back-splash installed, finishing the painting and installing all the appliances… So that should be quick, right?

Dining Room

This is really a part of the kitchen now, but we will keep it separate for the purpose of this blog post…

Dining Room_November 27

With the painting underway, there isn’t much else left to do other than finishing around the windows.  My husband and I went to talk to a furniture builder on the weekend about getting a big farmhouse style dinner table made for the new space.  I hope it works out that we can get it in time for when the renovations are done.

Living Room

The only big thing that we are doing in the living room is the fireplace…

Living Room_November 27

Right now it looks pretty awful, with all the brick facing removed, but they have poured some concrete to be the base of the new gas fireplace insert, and then we will be getting new stone surround and new built in book cases on either side.  My husband has this piece of salvaged wood that he wants to use as the mantle.  Not sure how we are going to fit that in, but it’s his dream, so we will try to make it work.  I’m excited to see how this all turns out, but I think it is a long ways from being done…


I didn’t post any photos of the empty space, but now there is a tub and most of the tiles are installed.  And the window is new too.

Bathroom_November 27

There is nothing else done yet, but there is a box of fixtures sitting in our front hall, so some of the items are ready to go whenever they can be put in… I know that the tile guys were talking about getting the grout completed this week… But I’m not sure if they are having to wait for the painters first?


For the 2 bedrooms, the rooms are pretty simple, so it shouldn’t be too much more to get them done.  Painting, putting in the flooring, and finishing the window frames… And I guess little bits like putting the covers on the vents and such.

Not sure on when all that is going to happen, but I saw a can of the paint colour we chose for the rooms, so that’s all ready to go up on the walls…

So that’s a quick update of the renovations with horrible dark photos… Maybe next time I post something about the renovations something will be done!!!



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