Send Love Update

A few weeks ago now, I published a post called “Send Love” and I gave myself the challenge of getting in touch with every person on my friends & family list that I made to keep track of one of my personal goals for 2017: to visit more with friends & family each month.  I said I would get back to you, my readers, in a week with the results…

Well, it has now been over 3 weeks, and so I figure I should make good on that promise and let you know how it has gone…

Initially, it didn’t go so well… I sort of forgot about my promise with various other things going on in my life, and so I did nothing… But… I got better…

If you combine the October and November columns of my tracking page, pretty much everyone has been contacted by me at least twice.  I have more plans to visit with people this weekend and next week, so I should be able to fill in November even further before the month is up.  And let’s be honest, December is one of the easiest months to be social.  There are always so many parties and get-togethers…


Anyway, that update is really short and sweet, but there isn’t much else to say…



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