November 2017 – Financial Update

This post was supposed to go up yesterday… But, well, I wasn’t that organized… Oh well.

Time is just flying by… Can you believe that there are only 2 months left of 2017?!?

With the ever-present chaos in our house, I’m still struggling to get all the data required for these updates, but let’s just see what we can do with what we have and take a quick look at how we are doing on my financial goals for 2017.

#1 – Emergency Fund

The human emergency fund is still sitting at the $10,000 mark, which is great.  It means that it has been sitting “fully funded”, and we haven’t had to dip in to it, for 5 months!  (I am aware that my stretch goal is to have this at $15,000, but the current definition of “fully funded” is $10,000.)

For the pet fund… we added our regular amount this month, and with the pet expenses we had, it equated to an increase of $135 to the pet emergency fund.  It’s not much, but it is movement in the right direction.

Human Emergency Fund = $10,000

Pet Emergency Fund = $3495 (+$135) 

#2 – Planned Spending

The only increase here was a bit added to the education fund.  We may not make it to the goal amount on all these savings this year, but I’m still pretty happy with the forward progress.

  1. Travel #1: $3650 / $3000 >> We spent more than we had planned…
  2. Income Tax: $0 / $400 >> Turns out we both got a refund this year!
  3. More Home Renos: $9000 / $35,000
  4. Other Travel: $5000 / $5000 >> Done!
  5. Other Savings: $10,000 / $16,000
  6. *Education Fund: $3800 / $7500


#3 – Net Worth

Last month I had this idea that the renovations might be done by the time I get around to this financial update.  Ha ha ha!  How naive that was!  So… this update will have to wait for another month…


#4 – Monthly Spending below $8000

ANOTHER SUCCESS!!!  After the success last month, I was sure we’d have a turnaround this month and go over, but, amazingly, we succeeded!  I think a big part of it was the success of meal planning, spending a week with my parents sharing their food & kitchen, and also stealing my mum’s slow cooker so we can make different food here at the house without a kitchen.

October 2017 Spending


How was October for your finances?


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