October 2017 – Financial Update

So, let’s not talk about how I fell off the blogging wagon… again… Let’s just move on, shall we?

Unfortunately, because of the chaos in our house with the renovations, the computer that I have stored my normal spreadsheet with all my financial stuff is packed away in a dark corner of my basement, so I’m going to only be able to give you a partial update here…

Anyway, let’s just get on with it… Here’s a quick partial update on my financial goals for 2017.

#1 – Emergency Fund

The human emergency fund has remained at the $10,000 mark, which is good, but I have shifted some of my focus with some savings… And as such, we basically just kept the pet fund at the same amount… $30 isn’t a huge increase… But it isn’t a decrease!

Human Emergency Fund = $10,000

Pet Emergency Fund = $3360 (+$30)

#2 – Planned Spending

So… We have added a new line to the planned spending goal this month… This is what happens when you make your planned spending goals in January… Life can change between January and October… So, we’ve added a new planned spending goal and started saving for that…

  1. Travel #1: $3650 / $3000 >> We spent more than we had planned…
  2. Income Tax: $0 / $400 >> Turns out we both got a refund this year!
  3. More Home Renos: $9000 / $35,000
  4. Other Travel: $5000 / $5000 >> Done!
  5. Other Savings: $10,000 / $16,000
  6. *Education Fund: $2700 / $7500

#3 – Net Worth

This is where I am missing information… My pretty net worth graph is on the computer that is packed away… I hope that I’ll be able to get it out by the time the next financial update comes along, but I’m not 100% sure that will be the case… I might have to make myself a make-shift office in a corner of the basement if the renovations aren’t completed by then…

#4 – Monthly Spending below $8000

SUCCESS!!!  Yes, that’s right we have finally returned to a month under $8000!  I’m not exactly sure how we did it… I know that we didn’t host anybody (renovations), but we also still don’t have a kitchen (renovations), so we have a tendency to eat out or order take-out a lot… But somehow we have managed to keep September to a reasonable amount.  It’s probably just luck… Oh, and that I was away for work for a while… That’s probably a big part of it… Whatever the reasons, I hope we can keep that trend up!

September 2017 Spending


How was September for your finances?


8 thoughts on “October 2017 – Financial Update

  1. September sucked for us! We didn’t save a dime. I did agree not to cause us to go into bankruptcy with purchases for our first grandchild. This month was purchases for the baby shower. If we can’t spend on the grandchild, who will we spend it on?!?

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  2. I stop tracking net worth, planned trips etc but I keep track of my spending and are delightful to say that my Sep spend is also at the lowest of the past 5 months (at ~4300 instead of the usual ~5-7000) ! It’s part habits part magic.. having many public holidays without going out to spend helps.

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    • Congrats on a low spending month! It’s fun when in “magically” works out, eh? I’d like to say our low spending had something to do with my own efforts, but I know it was more just a fluke…


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