My Training Plan for July, August and September…

Half Marathon Training Plan Title

I am planning to run in a half marathon in October… The one that I didn’t run in last year because I was sick… And didn’t train…

So this year I am going to train… so at least I’ll be prepared and will hopefully be able to work through a bug or sickness if one comes at the wrong time again… (I say this every year, and never really follow through, but I keep trying, so that’s something, right?  Maybe this year will be the one I actually complete a training plan… )  This is part of the reason for my focus on fitness in June, that didn’t end up very successful

I’m two weeks in to the training plan, and I’ve already fallen behind, but that’s okay.  I’m going to persevere and try to do better.  As with everything I do these days, I made a spread in my bullet journal to lay out the training plan.  Here it is:

Half Marathon Training Plan

I have given myself 4 different types of runs:

  • Easy = a short run to just get the blood flowing, little or no hills, pretty short.
  • Reg. (Regular) = a normal morning run, which would typically be between 4 and 6km long, some hills, just sort of normal…
  • Hills = this is when I do a quick warm up, and then just go up and down some of the steeper hills in my neighbourhood… I’ll probably start with 4 or so hills, and work my way up to 8 hills…
  • Long Runs = this is where I train myself to keep going for extended periods of time. I’ll have to do these on the weekends because they take too long for the morning before work…

Last week (week 1 of the training plan), I only went for 1 run… and it was a pretty easy run… And this week (week 2), I have only gone on 1 run so far… I know it will be a stretch to get all the runs done with what I have on my plate this week, but I’ll try…

Are you training for anything in particular?  Do you have a training plan made?


4 thoughts on “My Training Plan for July, August and September…

  1. I have run 15 full marathons and I never had to train for a half. What worked best for me was to be constantly in marathon shape by mixing in at least six twenty mile runs and six fifteen mile runs and a weekly ten mile run in all year long. That worked up through my fifties but now that I’m past sixty I’m only running 18 miles a week and doubt I’ll do anymore marathons. I think your plan looks good but I’d probably run less that last week. I wouldn’t move much at all or exercise at all the last three or four days prior to the race. Going in fresh is huge when it comes to how you’ll do on race day. Taper, taper, taper. Don’t skimp on training other than that last week, I’ve run a couple of marathons when I didn’t train adequately. There is almost no feeling on earth worse than being one third of the way through a distance race realizing that you are already hitting the wall. I never quit a race without finishing but I did honestly want to die a few times. What a hobby, crazy, yeah…..

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    • WOW! Your running regime is intense! I don’t think I will ever have the commitment or the motivation to run a full marathon. My main motivation for running is to be in better shape for my sports, so the races are sort of a sidebar…

      Good to know about the tapering. I will definitely keep that in mind as race day comes near. I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my training completely yet, but I am still playing my sports a few times a week, so it’s not like I’m not doing any running…


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