Hawaiian Trip Journal in my BuJo

Well, I’m back from my vacation, and it really was a holiday.  I didn’t bring a laptop, and I didn’t check email, or keep up on my blog, so it has definitely been a bit of catch-up now that I am back… The number of emails in my collection of inboxes was quite high!  I’m still working on getting back to the normal routine, so I don’t have any real content to share with you today…

Instead, I thought I’d share a couple images of my bullet journal that I used as a travel journal for my trip.  I’m pretty proud of my doodles, so I’m going to share… I “should” be back to normal by Thursday and will hopefully have something more exciting for you.  Until then, “Aloha!”


11 thoughts on “Hawaiian Trip Journal in my BuJo

    • The biggest volcano on the big island of Hawaii is so high that there is actually snow at the top of it. I did not expect to see snow during my time in Hawaii!!


    • Please, steal away! 🙂 It was quite fun to do. My mum does sketch journals on a map… Maybe I’ll post a photo of her stuff because she it really good at it!

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        • I doubt you suck! I think it just takes time and practice to get comfortable with it. My mum has been doing it for a very long time. Her original writing journals are super messy, but she just wrote everything down… Now she’s doing more artistic stuff that takes longer to do, but I think she enjoys looking at the finished product a lot more. My first attempts at doodle journaling didn’t turn out as well… Maybe I’ll do another post showing some of that older stuff…

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        • I’m having a bit trouble with the time and practice… i start a journal, write a little…. then… just can’t seem to stay the course until I get into a habit, guess it’s not my “thing”, oh well 😏 I used to take photos instead, a LOT of photos… lately I’ve fallen a bit of that horse too… I guess that’s how it goes, a bit on and off, and then on again 😉

          Would love to see some of your and your mums stuff 😀

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        • I know the feeling… I am on again, off again about a lot of things… I’ll work on a post to share some of my mum’s creations… And I guess some of my older stuff…

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