February Fitness Update

Just because I’ve given up my mini-fitness challenge for February and instead given myself a focus of decreasing stress and a challenge to relax and read for the month of February, doesn’t mean that I’m not wanting to keep up on my fitness.  Do you remember the running goal I made myself for 2017?

In case you missed my original personal goals post for 2017, I have signed up for a challenge to run 1000 km in 2017.  When I first posted about it, I had only been on 1 run, and so my total was 3.5 km.

After that, I can’t say I made huge progress, but since my normal running partner is super pregnant, and my back-up running buddy has had a couple issues with hamstring injuries, I’ve had to rely on my own personal motivation (not the best…) to get myself up in the mornings in time for a run.  Add to that we’ve had some very atypical weather for our area which brought snow and ice to our normally mild climate, I have had some difficulty getting out running…

But… That doesn’t mean I have made some progress… Let’s see my January calendar:


I went for a total of 5 runs in January.  Pretty proud of myself for that… And February isn’t done yet, but it isn’t going as well… only 2 runs so far, but hopefully tomorrow morning will be another motivated morning and I’ll go for a run.


So, where does that put me on my 1000 km challenge?  According to the challenge website (on MapMyRun.com) I have completed 31 of the 1000 km. (I mentioned in my original post I’m not worried about the final 17 km.  1000 is a nicer number.)  Only 314 days left.  I only have to run 3 km a day for the rest of the year to make it work… We all know that’s not going to happen, so I guess I’ll have to fit in some longer runs in there…


I have signed up for a 10 km race at the end of April, so I’m going to try and do some actual training for that… I said I was going to put together a training plan like I did for my half-marathon that I didn’t actually run… I’ll try to put that together later this week and try to post about it next week.

Do you have any fitness or running goals that you are working on?  What are your struggles and how do you overcome them?




18 thoughts on “February Fitness Update

  1. Hi! If you don’t have a running buddy, I can be yours running partner. (If we are not in very awkward time zones). I mean, we can plan to run at the same times (locally) and plan distances and stuff and share the runs later. That might be better than running totally alone.
    PS: My target is to hit 2017 Km mark 😀

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  2. Please I need your calendar lol where did you find it?

    I think you’re doing great! I truly believe once you focus on the one really important thing other things will fall in place.

    Like, I want to make more money, have more energy, lose weight, and be healthier overall. So you know of course the goal I think that ties all those things in is having 7 hours of sleep per night. Eventually I’ll make that earlier and then fit a morning dog walk in there as well. And breakfast and coffee someday. Morning showers. Maybe make that dog walk a run. Or rollerblade because I hate running (I don’t know how to rollerblade — small detail), or biking!

    I really love your posts and the images are always so inspiring.

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    • You are very kind! I’m glad that you find my posts inspiring. 🙂
      The calendar is a part of MapMyRun.com
      It helps track your work outs. Super easy to use and fun too!
      Getting more sleep is definitely a very good first step. I don’t think many people get enough sleep these days… Sounds like you’ve got the process sorted out for your goals. Rollerblading was fun when I used to do it… I don’t even know if I still have my rollerblades… They may have fallen victim to some decluttering… I’m not sure…

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