My Mins Game Continued…

On Tuesday, I posted the first 10 days of my “Mins Game” challenge, which saw over 55 items leave my house, and I promised I would continue with it, so let’s just keep trucking along… Today I bring you days 11 to 18…

Day 11: A Printer and Some Shot Glasses


For day 11, I purged the really old black and white printer that is so old it doesn’t have a USB port, it has the big fat serial cable!  I also go rid of 6 shot glasses, 3 unused picture frames and my full collection of Gilmore Girls DVDs (that’s what’s in the Heineken music container).  That last one was tough, but with Gilmore Girls being on Netflix, I don’t really need to keep the DVDs.  They also may or may not have been legit copies…

Day 12: Knickknacks


For day 12 I found a box of old knickknacks that hadn’t been unpacked since our move.  1 frog bank, 1 loonie bank, 1 empty candle holder, 1 weight for balloons, 1 cat playing the piano, 5 little plastic figurines and 2 magazines.

Day 13: More Knickknacks & Souvenirs


Continuing with the box from day 12… 1 bike, 1 hatching egg, 2 mini chests, 2 key chains, 1 pouch of potpourri, some beads from Greece, a small tin, a straw from Disneyland, 1 wooden box with a girl on top (really cute, but missing her arm) and 2 small animal figurines.  These ones are looking a little small and dinky to be counted, but the emotional attachment to some of these things make them feel bigger…

Day 14: Jewellery


For day 14 I pulled out an old box of jewellery that I found in the basement. I don’t wear much jewellery as it is, and the stuff that I have upstairs on my dresser is more than enough for me.  Plus, some of this is costume jewellery or stuff that has been passed on to me from various family members.  Sorry to them, I appreciate the thought of the gift, but I don’t wear them so I will be passing them on to someone who will.  So… We have 6 pairs of earrings, plus a bag of earrings (that I obviously bought at Value Village for an 80’s party and never opened), 3 single earrings that are missing their mates, 1 necklace, 2 pendants, 1 ring, 1 flask and 1 mini purse/key chain.  I think that adds up to over 14 items…

Day 15: More Jewellery…


Day 15 I emptied out the rest of the jewellery box, and decided I didn’t need to keep it either.  So we have 4 rings, 1 pack earring stoppers, 1 pair earrings (without backings), 1 bar from an industrial ear piercing I no longer have, 1 broken magnet, 1 compass key chain, 1 necklace, 1 sample pack of hand cream, 1 lanyard, 1 little purse, 1 photo frame and 2 mardigras type necklaces.  Oh, and the jewellery box itself!  Bam!  More stuff gone!

Day 16: Mini Books & Random Stuff


I used to store a lot of things in shoe boxes… And when I was cleaning up, I’d just toss random things in to another shoe box, put it on the shelf and forget about it… So this was a collection of stuff that was in one of those shoe boxes… 1 container without lid, 1 random bowl (that was a coin collector – I put the coins that were Canadian in to our current coin jar), 1 Swiss army knife, 1 Chinese finger trap, 6 mini books, 5 really old wet wipes (may not be wet anymore), 7 coins from various countries, 2 small figurines, 1 mini bouquet of fake flowers and 1 miniature clothes pin with a lady bug on it.

Day 17: CDs


I found a box of CDs in the basement.  I know I have another box of CDs somewhere else, but this was a box that came from my parents’ house when they were downsizing… So they were the ones that I didn’t consider good enough to steal when I was moving out.  My taste in music may have changed slightly in those 10+ years, so I copied a few of them to my iTunes on my laptop and then let them go.  12 CDs, 1 computer game, 2 tins, 1 broken key chain, 2 expired ski passes from 4 years ago with 2 lanyards.

Day 18: Magazines & Papers


Papers sort of feel like cheating, but they take time to sort and shred and recycle… And they definitely take up space, both physically and mentally… So, I’m going to count them.  With that in mind, yesterday I got rid of: 5 magazines & 1 IKEA catalog from 2012, 1 really old gluten free grocery listing, 1 more Swiss army knife, 1 ball of yarn, 1 hotel notepad, 1 brass golf tee, 1 stack of random papers from 2012, 1 stack of stickers and return labels from an old address, 1 stack of old ticket stubs from way back (2009 is showing), 1 reflective clippy thing and another 5 CDs.

to be continued… again…

So that’s got us up to yesterday.  So far I have been successful and have removed over 170 items from our house!  Only 325 items left.  I think it might get a little harder now… I just need to find a few more of those shoe boxes of random junk from my past…





20 thoughts on “My Mins Game Continued…

    • Yes, I have a LOT of stuff! I am such a pack-rat. Add to that the fact that both my husband and I each had a household worth of stuff before we moved in together, and we haven’t really gotten rid of much of it… Oh, and my parents just recently moved to a smaller house, so all the stuff I had stored in their basement from growing up is now in my basement… So much stuff!

      Most of my stuff I donating to the Salvation Army or Value Village. A couple things I’m giving to random people in my life who might enjoy them, a couple we are trying to sell, and some things are just garbage or recycling…

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    • Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath on that… Ha ha! I’m already a couple days behind. I’ve got to do some catch up tonight and tomorrow night. The weekend was too busy and I didn’t get around to my daily decluttering task.

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      • I have no doubt you’ll catch up soon… I’m lagging behind as well on account of a flu/chest infection that got the best of me a couple of days ago 🤧 which also accounts for my late blog replies…

        I’ve actually done some stuff, but I just don’t have any energy to write about on the blog yet… hopefully this weekend 😉

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    • I found someone on Instagram using a calendar type thing, so I copied them…

      Most of the items that I am getting rid of I am donating to a local thrift store. I’m sure I could sell some items and make some money, but then it doesn’t leave my house as quickly. As much as I can, I try to avoid just throwing something out. I feel like that is a waste…

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        • No, I haven’t been following that rule… It just doesn’t quite make sense. I’ve been collecting them boxes. I took a couple boxes down to the thrift store already, and I have a box that is almost full, so I will take that when it fills up. And some things I am giving to friends or family who will make use of them, so those go in to my car so I can drop them off when I am out and about. I guess that means I’m not following the challenge totally, but it’s how I can make it work.

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