Bentley is 6 Months!

I had planned to have a meaningful and informative post for you today, but my busy weekend was made even busier by Bentley (my puppy, if you remember when we got him).

Baby Bentley – the first day we had him.

First he ate the Christmas lights off our Christmas tree on Friday (the built in kind), but luckily it seems that he just chewed them to pieces and didn’t actually ingest too much. And he left them on the tree, so I didn’t realize they were chewed until I tried to turn them on… But that made it so that I had to troubleshoot the non-functioning lights for quite a while before realizing that they were too far gone and I just had to take the lights off and replace them with a new string of traditional lights (luckily we had a few extra strands leftover from our wedding).

I thought that would be the end of it… We made sure he had lots of chew toys, and that he knew that he wasn’t allowed near the tree, but unfortunately on Saturday morning he pulled the new strand of lights off the tree while we were out for brunch and chewed them up, but this time he also ate two chestnuts that were on the windowsill.  (I know, my bad for leaving them there…)  This resulted in a very upset tummy for Bentley.  He threw up a couple times in the house, so I had to wash his new dog bed and do some major clean-up around the tree.  But he seemed okay after that, until we tried to offer him some food and he just wasn’t interested.  Knowing how he hoovers up all food given to him at any time, this was unlike him, so we took an unscheduled trip to vet, during which he threw up in my car…

Yup, Bentley was not feeling good, but the vet got him to throw up the rest of the chestnuts and he was not allowed to eat anything until quite late Saturday night.  Needless to say, after that ordeal, he was low energy for most of Saturday, but, thankfully, he returned to his energetic self again on Sunday.  Unfortunately, he is not allowed to be unsupervised in the living room anymore (but we did have another set of lights for the tree so it still looks good), and we don’t have any baby-gates to keep him out of there (nor are there any doors to close off the room), so there is a lot of “where is Bentley now?” and checking on him regularly now…

He doesn’t look guilty, does he?

So, needless to say, my weekend, that was already busy with Christmas parties and events, was too busy for me to write a decent post for you, so instead of something meaningful, you get this rambling post about my crazy puppy.  And, just to make it worse, Saturday was Bentley’s 6 month birthday, but we were not able to celebrate for him because of all that.

Bentley at 6 Months

Do you have any similar pet stories?  Have they eaten strange things?


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