Bullet Journal Update: The Evolution of my Weekly Spread

This post was supposed to go up last week… but I got busy and couldn’t finish it in time… In any case, here it is… I’ll work on getting my posting schedule back up to twice a week… 


As I promised last week two weeks ago, I am going to share with you today an update on my bullet journal.

I started my first bullet journal in January, and have really been enjoying it.  On my honeymoon I bought myself a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook (one of the most popular notebooks for BuJo enthusiasts) and I started using it in May.  I’ve shown various bits and pieces of the bullet journal over the course of the last few months, but I wanted today to discuss how my daily/weekly spreads (the meat & potatoes of the BuJo) have evolved over the last few months.

My Old BuJo:

First, let’s go way back to the time before my Leuchtturm… Looking back, these pages aren’t nearly as pretty as my current ones, but honestly, I’m not sure my pretty pages have helped me be any more productive.  Anyway, I started out with a full spread for my weekly layout that I split horizontally for each day, with smaller sections for the weekend.


This worked out okay, but there was quite a bit of blank space in my week days, and my weekends filled up quickly…

So, I tried a slightly different spread where I had each day of the week on the left, and then some overview type things on the right. (Meal plan, water consumption, goal related tasks, etc.)


It might not have been perfect, but I stuck with it until I moved to my new bullet journal in May.

My New BuJo:

There have been quite a few quick changes in my weekly spreads since I started in my new BuJo.  First, I started with a similar spread to how I ended my old BuJo, but since the pages were smaller, I spread the days out to the second page and decreased the overview section.


I then went away for work, and with that I don’t end up with much to do except work, eat and sleep… So I made smaller sections for each day and had a full week on a page.


I  kept it that way for a little while (even after I got back home), but eventually added in the overview page on the right hand side again so I could have my meal plan and some weekly notes/tasks.  But then, in June, I started with my food journaling, so I needed to make space for that in my daily sections.


I kept it that way for all of July, but I was finding it a little squishy.


I was looking for a change… And I found inspiration when looking at a post at Little Coffee Fox where she compared horizontal dailies with vertical dailies… I switched to vertical dailies and made a 2 page spread.


I loved how much space I had for each day!  And finally, I was cruising on Instagram when I came across KristyMakesPlans and loved her printing style, so I updated my “font” but continued with my vertical layout.


And that is how I currently have my weekly layouts still.  Here is this week’s layout before I started filling in all the details.


Do you use weekly layouts in your bullet journal?  If so, do you do vertical or horizontal?  Or do you use the more traditional daily spread?



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