Time to Re-Focus


As I mentioned last Thursday, I find the beginning of September does a lot to help me re-focus on my goals and be productive.  It probably helps that the weather has turned a little grey and wet here in Victoria the last couple days.  It also probably helps that I was traveling on the long weekend and had some time to ponder about my goals while waiting for my flights…

Of course, that didn’t help me get a post written in time to post on Tuesday this week.  Hopefully next week I will be back on the twice a week posting schedule.  Until then, I’ll briefly discuss my plan to re-focus on my goals.

I started this blog with the intention that I would use it as an accountability partner to work on generally being a better version of myself (hence the name).  And, while this general topic has allowed me to be super flexible with what topics I blog about, I’m not always sure that I blog in a way that even sticks to that general theme…

I read a lot of those “perfect” lifestyle blogs and some part of me wishes that I too could someday be one of those “lifestyle bloggers”… Would you read that?  If somehow I manage to get my life so well organized that I can bake, cook, craft, DIY, and plan parties so awesome you want to read about them, and at the same time take photos and write up blog posts to actually post about them in a timely fashion… Would you still read my blog?  I know… pipe dreams…

Until I magically transform in to that super-human-person, you will have to make do with my scatterbrained attempts to improve all the various aspects of my life.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you’ve seen all sorts of topics… I’ve decluttered parts of my house, planned my wedding, worked in my garden, tried fitness challenges, ranted about gender inequality, hosted parties, studied for and written exams, talked about early retirement, and that’s only just scratching the surface of the topics I’ve touched on.  The randomness might be a bit overwhelming, and not only for you the reader trying to follow along with my journey.  I think the randomness might be detracting from my focus.  I have way too many eggs in my basket and in order to really care for them the way I need to in order to make progress, I think I need to put some of them on the “someday/maybe” list (to borrow a term from the GTD system – a book that I still haven’t finished…).

I have so many ideas of things I want to do, try, improve, start, finish… But I am only one person, and I already have many commitments on my time.  So, I’m going to take all those other ideas and put them to the side for now.  I’ll make a “someday/maybe” list in my bullet journal, and go back to focusing on my 10 goals for 2016.

I’ll write up some more detailed posts in the next couple weeks, but here’s a quick recap:

  1. Bullet Journal: next week I’ll post an update on how I am using my bullet journal.  This is one  goal that I feel quite good about.  I’m not perfect, but I am learning to use my bullet journal more and more, and it is really helping me keep up on my to-do lists.
  2. Good Habits: it has been a while since I have done a habit tracker update on the blog – I’ll post one next week.  I feel like these habits, though all joined in one “goal” are really quite a few goals, and some require quite a bit more focus to succeed at.  An example is last night, instead of cleaning up the dinner dishes once I had finished eating (for my clean sink habit), I turned on the TV and zoned out until it was after 10:30pm (my goal bedtime habit) and so, not only was the kitchen not cleaned up, but I missed my bedtime…
  3. Emergency Fund: I update this every time I do a financial update.  As of last update, we sat at $7500 of the $10,000 goal.
  4. Planned Spending: This is another one that I update with my financial updates.  I feel like this one is going well, despite the fact that I am not spending in the originally planned order, so I having trouble keeping track of the totals…
  5. Net Worth & Retirement Savings: Again, the monthly financial updates show the status of this one pretty clearly.  I feel like this goal is doing pretty well on auto-pilot for the moment.  I am not going to focus on this one until after we sort out our mortgage renewal…
  6. Mortgage Renewal: Whether or not I like it, the deadline on this one is coming up fast.  We have an appointment in about a week to discuss some mortgage options, so I need to do a bit more homework before then to be prepared for that.
  7. Connect with Family: I haven’t been exactly focusing on this goal, but because it has been in the back of my mind, I feel like I have been successful without having to try too hard… That being said, there are a few family members that I want to make sure I connect with this fall.  I just added a note to my bullet journal to call my aunt.
  8. Connect with Friends:  I think I have been cheating on this one a bit this summer because there are just so many BBQs and gatherings when the weather is nice.  It’s easy to keep connected with a bunch of people, though perhaps not as personal as when it is one-on-one, or a small intimate gathering.  4 months left… a minimum of 4 friend visits to do.  That should be easy, right?
  9. Read 12 Books:  Exciting news!  I have actually finished a book before it was due back at the library!!  The reason being that I did some airplane travel on the long weekend, and so had a few hours each way to just sit and read.  Amazing what that sort of time can allow you to accomplish!  I am also mostly finished another book, crazy right?  Maybe I’ll write up a quick review of them both once I am done.
  10. Run in 5 Races:  I’ve already discussed that I might be giving myself a pass on one of these races if I do well in the half marathon in October.  Of course, I haven’t exactly been following my training plan… So this is something I really need to focus on.  I think it might require me to revisit my morning routine in order to make it work with the addition of the puppy.

I know I did a mid-year recap of some of these goals back in June, but in order for me to re-focus I needed to review them each again.  Now, on to the action and productivity!

Do you find September a good time to re-focus?  Some call it the “real” new year because it corresponds with the new school year.  Do you agree?


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