Biggest Loser Results

Oh my goodness.  Life has just been crazy lately and I am scrambling to keep up… (and, to be honest, I’m not really being successful at it…)  I could blame some of it on the new puppy, but there has also just been a lot going on the last little while.  You’d think that being super busy would mean that my bullet journal would be a huge help, but I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with it as well.  But, I feel like I am turning a corner, so hopefully this will be where things start feeling a bit more in control.

Yesterday was our one year anniversary.  The year has just flown by.  It doesn’t feel like a year ago that we spent the week up in Tofino for our wedding.  We went out for a nice dinner, but that was pretty much the extent of our celebration.  No gifts.  We don’t need gifts to celebrate.  But one of us got the $200 prize for our extended biggest loser competition

And the winner is… for real this time…


Yup, I won!  By a whole 0.06%.  I lost a total of 1.12% of my original weight and my husband lost a total of 1.06% of his original weight.  If you think those numbers are small and sort of lacking… You are totally right to think that.  We kind of suck at this whole biggest loser competition thing apparently.

You can see that we didn’t even stay motivated enough to keep track of our weight the entire time…

I could make all sorts of excuses for myself, but when it comes down to it, I just didn’t commit to it like I know I could have.  And neither did my husband… He did mention at dinner last night that we didn’t really do a good job of supporting ourselves with the challenge.  His example was our affinity for wine… “Hey, let’s get a bottle of wine to go with dinner.”  “Sure, but if we are getting one, we might as well get two…”  The one good thing though is that neither of us actually got back up to our original post honeymoon weight, so I’ll count that as a minor success for both of us.

But, that’s not the end.  I am still training for my half marathon in the fall, so I’ve got my training plan to try and keep up with.  So, perhaps I’ll just keep track of my weight a while longer and see if I can master this motivation thing and get it down to where I’d like to be.

Have you struggled with motivation lately?  Any tricks you can send my way?


4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Results

  1. Congrats on winning! I think your husband nailed the biggest and most important part of weight loss – joint support and motivation. It’s hard to keep yourself accountable all the time and if you can turn to the other person to keep you accountable when you feel like you are slipping that’s awesome. And it is success to be lower than your post honeymoon weight. Keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks! We try to be supportive… But we are also often bad influences on each other… Ha ha!

      But you are right, any movement in the right direction should be considered a success. 🙂


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