And… We Have a Puppy!

So, last week I hinted that I had a bit of an announcement to make on the blog this week that we had spent a fair chunk of money on… and the surprise is:

We got a puppy!

On Friday last week, my husband, his daughter and I piled all in to the car and took a day trip to the breeder to pick up our baby Bernese Mountain Dog.  Needless to say, we were all very, very excited to pick him up, and the process of getting him home was actually pretty smooth.  I was worried he’d pee all over the car, but we made a couple stops and were able to walk him around enough that we escaped that potential mess.

So, without any further ado, here is Bentley (aka Little Big Dog):


He is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, so with that came a bit of a steep price tag… Add in to that all the puppy paraphernalia that is “required” and there goes that dog fund we had saved up…  So far, we have done 2 trips to visit the breeder (though I pulled that money from the travel fund) which adds up to near $600 in ferry costs and gas… We’ve spent about $200 on food, collars, crate, toys, bowls, etc.  And the puppy himself was $1600… So, before we even get to going to the first vet appointment and getting all his shots and such, we have already spent $2400 easily (good thing I increased the dog fund from $1000 to $2500).  Yup, that dog fund that we have been saving has been pretty much spent, and so now I just have to decide if I keep the remaining amount in a pet emergency fund, or if I get pet insurance for him…

Time to review all of Des’ research and experience with pet insurance.  I’m leaning towards making my own pet fund for “pet insurance” so that we can cover any of the three pets with one payment (we still have Big Cat and Little Cat)… But, then again… A friend of mine pointed out that getting insurance for the dog will prevent any really hard decisions to be made or arguments if her boyfriend doesn’t agree with spending some exorbitant amount to get a medical procedure for their dog.  So there is a conversation to be had… And, you know what? I’ll probably save all that for another post…

For the rest of this post, let’s just discuss the cute little bundle of fur.  Okay, not really that little… but still cute and a fluffy ball of fur.  (I keep having that line from the Despicable Me movie run through my head when I see him – “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”)


It’s so funny, I haven’t exactly been keeping up my blogging schedule (as I predicted would be the case), but when I logged on to the computer to read some blogs and write this post, I read that Penny over at “She Picks Up Pennies” also got a puppy on Friday last week and it was funny hearing that their experiences somewhat mirror ours for the first few nights… We are attempting to crate train Bentley, and he’s not so impressed by that, and so we are all running on less sleep than normal because of it.  It’s so hard not to give in to him when he’s so darn cute…


Also, puppies don’t like to sit still for very long… so getting clear, non-blurry pictures of him doing anything other than sleeping is near impossible… So, sleeping photos you get…

Okay, I better go because he is making that whimpering sound that seems to mean he needs to pee… and I really don’t want to have to clean up another accident.

Are we crazy?

(don’t worry, I already know the answer to that…)


11 thoughts on “And… We Have a Puppy!

  1. Oh, man. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I have some dogs so I know what you mean about that not standing still stuff when taking pictures.

    I put my camera on sport mode (or fast action mode or something like that) and it seems to work!

    I tried so hard to figure out what a dog would cost us each month. I asked everyone I knew who had a dog. No one told me about the preventative medications (for internal and external parasites). Our dogs take 2 “pills”–I think they’re about $15 each a month so that’s $30 a month I didn’t figure in. BAck in the day, when I had a dog growing up, we didn’t give her monthly preventative meds–I don’t know if she had an extra shot to keep worms at bay or what.

    Do you think you’re pretty set on how much caring for Bently will cost each month?

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    • Right now, with all the initial costs, it is hard to say how much he will cost per month, but if we insure him (which we still haven’t totally decided on), it would be about $100 a month for that alone… Doggy daycare, which we won’t need forever, but we do while he is so young, costs us $25 per day that we use it, so the costs add up quickly. Once he is old enough to stay home alone during the day we won’t need that one, but by then he’ll probably be eating a lot more, so that cost will go up… I’ll try and keep track for the next little while and maybe do a follow up post on how much he has been costing for the first few months…

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  2. omg he’s so cute !
    our daughter wants a puppy but i know the responsibility is too much for us to take on right now and i wasn’t even thinking about the cost on top of that. thanks for reminding me why we aren’t ready to add a puppy to the family yet !

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  3. OMG sooooo cute! I love Berners, my mother almost got one and I would’ve absolutely died if she did! Bentley is such a great name too, it definitely suits him.

    Have fun with your new puppy, can’t wait for more cute pics!

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    • I’m glad that you like the name. My husband thinks it sounds pretentious, but my stepdaughter and I overruled him. It’s funny though, because I have found out that Bentley is a popular name for Berners apparently. Lots of people have stories about their old dog named Bentley… I’ll be sure to post some more photos of him… Once I figure out how to take photos that aren’t blurry!


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