Food Journaling Results

After a near-perfect record for my Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule in June, I seem to be having some trouble keeping up in July… Work is busy, life is busy, and the summer weather is nice so I don’t really want to spend my time inside writing blog posts… I want to be outside playing my sports, enjoying my garden, and visiting with friends…

So I’m sorry for dropping off the regular posting schedule, but I’m sure for the next month or two it will be a struggle to keep it up.  I hope you will stick around and keep reading when I do post, and hopefully I will find some down time to write up all the post ideas that are bouncing around inside my head.

About a month ago, I posted about my grumbly belly and how I was going to start food journaling to try and narrow down what it was that was causing the issues.

I started very detailed with my food journal for the first week:

But, then I wanted to find a way to include it in my weekly spread of my bullet journal, so I added a small spot to each day to mark down food:

Unfortunately, with this smaller space, I decreased the amount of detail that I recorded… So I’m not sure that I am getting all the information that I need to really investigate…

However… Over the last 4 weeks that I’ve been doing this journaling, I really haven’t had that many grumbly belly issues… Success!  …ish…

So, what have I learned?

  1. When I am forced to write down everything I eat, I do a much better job of eating healthy and within the recommended restrictions of my naturopath.
  2. When I eat healthy and within the restrictions, I don’t get a grumbly belly nearly as often.  Or if I do, it is very short lived and not long enough for me to register and write it down…
  3. I don’t really like hard boiled eggs.  I’m not supposed to eat a lot of eggs, but I did occasionally for the protein source… But it turns out that I don’t even really like them, so I am going to forget that and find another source.
  4. I really like summer BBQ season because it makes eating healthy and delicious food so simple.  Just throw it on the grill!

  5. Maybe I have helped my digestive system health by trying a few of those “special” foods that are apparently good for it… I tried kombucha for the first time!  (And, did you know that zucchini is apparently really good for your digestion system?  We grill a lot of zucchini this time of year!)

And, what does all that mean for my future eating habits and restrictions?

Not much… I haven’t come to any conclusions that I didn’t already know.  Eating clean, healthy, and simple food is better for me and my grumbly belly… But, I think I will continue to keep the food journal in my bullet journal.  It has helped me stay on track most of the time, and if I do keep it up, and something does cause some discomfort or other issues, I will easily be able to track it down.  (Added bonus, it means that I look in my bullet journal more often and maybe that will help my productivity in other ways…)

Do you think I should have kept up with the detailed journaling?  Have you ever done something like this and not really come to any conclusions to change things?



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