I’m Away Again… So, What’s the Plan?

Remember last month when I discussed how when I go away for work, everything else just drops off the face of the planet?  Yeah… So, I’m away for work again, and that plan to have a plan in place before I went so I would be productive… Yeah, well that didn’t happen… But I’m writing this on Monday night, my first night away, so I’m going to put together a plan for this week right now… Let’s go over the five challenges that I discussed.

1. Exercise

The first issue that I was having was that I didn’t get any exercise while I am away… So I put together a mini fitness challenge for this week… Since it is already the end of Day 1, I left that as a complete rest day… And I know that on my travel day home (Day 7) I won’t be doing much of anything, so I left that as a complete rest day as well… Anyway, here it is:

1 week challenge

2. Eating

This work trip is a little different than the last in that I’m staying at a work camp, not at hotels (meaning this site is more remote)… So, I get most of my food served to me from the camp kitchen, and I pack my lunch from the lunch fridge… It’ll be a bit of a challenge to stay away from the yummies, but I’ll try my best…  I did buy myself a selection of healthy snacks so that I wouldn’t be as tempted, but remember when I said I shouldn’t have a second plate at dinner… I didn’t re-read that until after dinner tonight… So, I had a second plate at dinner.  However, that second plate consisted of a green salad, so really that’s like a win, right?  Especially because I didn’t have any sweets after dinner.  In any case, with my challenge to keep a food journal going, I should be motivated to not eat the wrong stuff because I’ll have to write it down… Wish me luck!

3. Blogging

Ha ha ha!  I don’t really know what I did on the weekend… but it was not get ahead on my blog posts like it should have been… So, here it is Monday night and I am putting together this blog post at the last minute.  Probably means there will be typos in it, but hopefully you can just read through those and ignore them… And I have zero ideas for what I will be posting on Thursday yet.  Okay, that might be a bit of a lie… I have a bunch of ideas of things I would like to do and write about… but the whole “doing” thing… not going to happen in two days while I am at site… So, hopefully you get a post to read on Thursday… We will just have to wait and see how this week pans out.

4. Goals

Well, baby steps is what I said in my post about productivity… so let’s just celebrate the fact that I have indeed transferred my list of goals from my old bullet journal to my new one…  And that’s about as far as I have gotten…

2016 Goals

5. Tasks

But, even if I haven’t actually done much in the way of writing out my goals in my bullet journal, I can still put together a few tasks to get done each day that I’m up here… So here’s my quick little task list that I am now publishing, so I will be held accountable…

Monday: write this blog post…
Tuesday: finish making July spreads in bullet journal (since July starts on Friday!)
Wednesday: write a blog post for Thursday…
Thursday: respond to blog comments (I’m quite behind on that, sorry!) and read 1 chapter of my book.
Friday: brainstorm ideas for blog posts for next week.
Saturday: read another chapter of my book.
Sunday: get home, unpack & do laundry.

So, those should be easy enough tasks for each evening.  I’m not saying I can’t do more, but those are the bare minimum that I need to get done (along with my exercises) each evening.

How do you think I’ll do this week?  Anyone placing bets?


2 thoughts on “I’m Away Again… So, What’s the Plan?

  1. I am exactly the same way when I’m away for work, which is about 8 weeks of the year. My exercise habits go out the window, I don’t get as much writing done, it’s terrible! Hopefully you’ll stay on task this week, but if not, don’t beat yourself up about it too much.

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