June 2016 Health & Fitness Update (plus the Biggest Loser Results)

I know you have all be sitting on the edge of your seats since I posted that my husband and I were doing a biggest loser competition after we got back from our honeymoon.  So, who has won the $100 bet?  Well… I’ll let you know… but first I’m going to quickly go over my health & fitness goals…

Health & Fitness Goals

Oh, wait… I have nothing to update… because I haven’t done anything towards them!

That’s right… nothing to report.  I have doing some running, and playing some sports, and biking a lot more… but I haven’t registered for another race yet, let alone ran one… To be fair, I did injure my foot a few weeks ago, and have been slow to recover fully.  I’ve been doing some running, but every once in a while my foot pain flares up, and I have to take it easy…

Do you see the week and a half where I went away for work?

And to be totally honest, that one goal (to run 5 races) is really the only specific goal that I made relating to health & fitness.  My habit tracker goals include a few health & fitness related items, so maybe I should be combining those updates with this post?


In any case, I’m not feeling especially fit right now, even though I am filling my calendar with “fitness”.  And that’s probably because I’m not eating right, but that should change with my food journal experiment.

Biggest Loser Competition

So, now to the results you’ve all been waiting for… And the winner is…


I’m sorry to disappoint… but after our initial success, we sort of lost motivation and neither of us has been especially good at eating healthy and so neither of us feel like we have got to the point where we would like to be.  Our last weigh in was scheduled for Monday morning (yesterday), and on Sunday evening my husband wasn’t exactly feeling enthusiastic about it. (He had spent the weekend away with “the boys” and they don’t exactly have healthy eating in mind when they get together.)  So he suggested that we do another one.  Double or nothing…


So, we have added another 8 weeks to our biggest loser competition and the new deadline is August 15th (our 1 year anniversary!) and the winner will get a whopping $200!  Bigger prize = more motivation.  I’m a little bit disappointed because I was finally winning at the end of this session… but I know I can do better, and my husband enjoys the competition (and it’s a healthy competition at that!) so here we are.  Check back on August 16th for our final results!

Have you ever done a “biggest loser” competition?  What was the key to your success?  Or what struggles did you have?


4 thoughts on “June 2016 Health & Fitness Update (plus the Biggest Loser Results)

  1. I find the exercise piece of the equation much easier than the eating well part. unfortunately, when it comes to losing weight, I think that eating right (less) is about 80% of the impact. Best wishes on your ‘part 2’!

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    • Yeah, generally exercise is the easy part for me… though injury really does throw me for a loop… Portion size is always a hard one for me… if it is tasty, I just want to eat more, more, more! I definitely had success in the past losing some weight without exercise when I got very strict on my food intake… It’s just hard to keep up when there are so many delicious temptations out there!

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  2. It’s definitely hard. And it’s all about commitment and consistency. Just a dinner out one night can throw out a week’s worth of eating healthy and working out. Keep at it! As I will too. We can do this. p’-‘q

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