February Health & Fitness Update

So, after my ho-hum post on Tuesday, I decided that I needed to actually do something towards one of my goals so I can post about it… (Having a blog really does increase the accountability factor…)

Goal #10 for 2016 is to run in 5 races this year.  As I mentioned, I ran in 3 races last year (you can see my results here), so running in 5 this year isn’t too big of a stretch, especially because I didn’t specify a distance.  But as of Tuesday, I hadn’t actually registered for any races.  I changed that, and have registered for my first race taking place this Sunday.  An 8k race on what I believe to be a relatively flat course.

I haven’t exactly been training, but I’ve been mostly keeping up with my goal of exercising 4-5 times per week (as we saw in my habit tracker update last week), so hopefully that will help me.

I’ve been keeping track of my fitness with the map my run app on my phone, which is a bit of a duplicate to my habit tracker, but it allows me to track more details.  (Though the calories are totally off because sometimes it calculates them, and sometimes it doesn’t, and I really don’t know how it does, so I don’t pay attention to that.)


I mentioned in my misc. goals post that I was also participating in a challenge on map my run to run 1000km in 2016.  With only 317 days left (13.4% of the way thru), I have only done 58km (5.8%)… (The challenge doesn’t count my sports, but those would add a lot of distance I’m sure!)  My February results so far haven’t really helped me much… My running buddy and I have been slacking a bit and only running 2 times a week… We used to run 3 times a week… We’ll need to get back in to that routine soon.


I just realized by looking at that calendar, that it is not likely that I will get 4 days of exercise this week.  I’m away at a remote site for work right now, and don’t have any opportunity to exercise until I am home on Saturday.  That’s always my challenge – figuring out a way to get exercise when I’m working really long days at remote sites… Oh well, first week of 2016 that I won’t make the cut (if you don’t count my vacation week in January).

I’ve been working on a couple other health related “goals” that I didn’t post as goals on this blog…  After looking over some of the photos from our recent vacation, I have decided that I want to lose about 10 lbs before we go on our honeymoon this spring.  So, I’ve been trying quite hard to eat healthier and smaller portions.  And I’ve decided to try and go alcohol free until we go on our honeymoon.  So far it has been 11 days.  It feels pretty good.  I’ve been drinking a lot of tea and bubbly water from my soda stream.  So far (according to my Monday weigh-in) I’m down about 3lbs.  So, if I can get my exercise up and keep up the healthy eating, I have no doubt I’ll be able to get the 10 lbs goal.

How are your health and fitness goals going so far this year?  


4 thoughts on “February Health & Fitness Update

  1. I’m currently training for my first half marathon in May. I’m kind of slacking in that I’m only running 1-2 days instead of the 3 I planned on, but I’m doing ok at this point in my training. I also signed up for a 5k just for fun next month. That being said, I’m not doing too well keeping up with any kind of strength training. I’m still working on rehabbing my shoulder and I’m scared to do anything too strenuous. My nutrition is hit and miss too… When I run I want to eat everything and I’m always wanting a glass of wine… Good luck with your goals. I really think reviewing them is very helpful for staying on track!

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    • Oh exciting! Your first half marathon! I had a really hard time sticking to a training plan when I was attempting a half marathon… Lucky for me, I do quite a bit of running with my sports (just a different kind), so I didn’t die… but I never do any strength training… I had some fitness challenges with push-ups and squats and stuff last summer and fall, but I haven’t done any since… I can totally understand not wanting to push it when you are rehabbing an injury. As for nutrition, it’s all about balance, right? It can be hard to find, but restricting too much just means that you are likely to “cheat” more often – or maybe that’s just me…


  2. I’m doing pretty good actually me thinks. I’ve lose some weight this month. It’s still too early to tell as but it’s a big number I think. Everything’s fitting pretty loosely too… I ended up buying new pants and I’ve dropped about 3-4 sizes since I last bought pants in 2014.

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    • That’s exciting that you have lost some weight this month. I found when I lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago that I had to go buy a bunch of new clothes because things stopped fitting nicely, and didn’t help me feel good about the new weight. It’s important to get clothes that make you feel good and that mostly comes from a good fit. I think before I bought those new clothes, I hadn’t bought new pants in a few years too. I find it a bit like a reward… if I lose weight and things are too loose, then I reward myself with new clothes! 🙂


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