February Habit Tracker Check-In

At the beginning of January, I introduced the habit tracker that I have in my new bullet journal.  It’s nothing original, so many bullet journalists are using the same idea or something similar, but I was pretty proud of it, and was motivated to keep up my new good habits… until I went on vacation…

Okay, if I’m really honest I never did have a single day where I fully did every habit… so I can’t really blame my vacation…  And I started this blog to keep myself accountable, so let’s take a look at how things went…

Here’s how the January habit tracked ended up:


#1 – Morning Routine: 8 half successful days… and 1 success… Basically, I have a really really hard time getting up at 5:30am.

#2 – Exercise: 16 successful days.  I was doing very well, and then I went on vacation.  It is true that while on vacation I did do a lot of walking… but didn’t count that… But I also don’t really count that as a failure either.  It’s just the way vacation is…

#3 – At Work by 9am: 10 successes.  2 half-successes. (I had planned appointments that made me get to work late.)  But I wasn’t expected at work on weekends, or during my vacation… so… really, there were only 2 days of the month that I didn’t do this when I should have… So, that’s a huge win.

#4 – Blog Posts: I did 6 blog posts in January.  If I was following my Tuesday/Thursday scheduled, I should have done 8… and they weren’t always actually posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays like I want either.  Some work to do here…

#5 – Reading: I only had 8 days in January where I read a book… And by “read a book” I mean that I picked up a book to read it… I may have only read a couple pages on some of those days, but the intent was there… But in any case, that is not enough if I am going to get through 12 books this year…

#6 – Budget Review: I didn’t want to do this every day, but at least once a week… And I did it 6 times in the month, so that’s often enough for me… Success!

#7 – Evening Routine:  1 success and a partial… Not good… And I think my evening routine is a good one… helpful… I must work on it… As I sit here finishing up this blog post after 10:30pm…

For February I have kept those same 7 habits, but have added in a #8: drink 8 cups of water a day.


It is now 10 days in to February (well 11, but I took this picture yesterday…), and I still haven’t spent any significant time reading… Still no good.  Exercise is still not a problem.  I have struggled with my morning routine a bit, and so have been later to work than I’d like…

I think my struggles come with TV… I sit down in front of the TV and hours go by without me noticing… Maybe I should have a no TV challenge?  Sports, home improvement shows, food network shows, crime dramas… I love them all… Once I get on the couch, I stay up too late, then don’t get my evening routine done, don’t get to bed early, struggle to get up in the morning, scramble to get organized and out the door, and then I’m late for work… Which means I work later, come home later, scramble around for dinner and my evening activities… get tired, sit on the couch… It’s a vicious cycle.

Have you been working on any new habits?  How are they going?  Can you offer me any advice to improve my success rate?


12 thoughts on “February Habit Tracker Check-In

  1. I think a no TV challenge would definitely improve your productivity. My husband and I “cut the cable cord” back in Dec 2014. It was saved us so much money and made our evenings & weekends better curated.

    My goal tracking in January wasn’t going very well so I stopped doing it. I realized I could tie all of my unsuccessful days back to one habit – did I keep the kitchen tidy that day. I spend so much time preparing meals that a dirty kitchen extends it’s bad karma over my entire day.

    The TV might be your Achilles’ heel like the kitchen is for me. Good luck, girl, I hope you figure it out.

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    • Ugh, a messy kitchen is always a source of angst for me… part of my evening routine is to make sure all the dishes from dinner are cleaned up, because then I don’t have to do that in the morning, or when I get home from work before making dinner… It just makes everything easier… but after dinner, I’ll often sit on the couch to relax and watch some TV, and leave the dishes for “later”… and “later” really means “never”…

      This week is going to be a strange one because I am going away for work… but maybe I’ll start with no TV for tonight and tomorrow night… and see how that goes…

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    • Yeah, maybe I have taken on too much… but so many of them are interconnected… like if my evening routine goes well, then my morning routine will go well, which means I’ll get my exercise in and I’ll get to work on time… I’d have a hard time doing one and not the other…

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  2. I have a habit tracker too but I have it as an app on my phone. The good to honest truth is habits take time to form. So I wouldn’t beat yourself about it too much considering you have so many. But I would say that it needs to be top of the mind. I suggest looking at the page in your journal throughout the day as a reminder of what you need to do. And then just DO IT. No excuses. Because eventually it’ll become second nature as just something you naturally do. Good luck!

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    • Thanks for the encouragement! It is true that habits take time… It might be a good idea to keep my journal open on the table, then I can see the habit tracker and know what I have to do… And yes, you are correct, I just need to do it. Tonight I AM going to do my evening routine – no excuses!


    • I have totally copied your blog post planning page… but I’m not 100% sure I’m using it right… Or I just have to do better at planning… You mentioned on Instagram that you’ve made some changes – looking forward to seeing them!

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  3. I really like the look of bullet journalling!
    I have several notebooks with to-do lists and I love being able to check things off but something like this collates it all into one organised spread.

    It’s always good to review your goals when making changes like you have and see where or why things didn’t go to plan. Good luck with the rest of the month.

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  4. Set a timer for the tv! Or set alarms on your phone! Figure out how long it take you to do your nightly routine. And figure out when you want to go to bed. Set an alarm for bedtime and then subtract the time you need for your routine. (Say bedtime is 10 pm. If it takes 45 minutes to do your nightly routine, set an alarm for 9:15 and an alarm for 10.) When the alarm goes off do your nightly routine! I have several alarms to help me get up and go to bed! Maybe it will help you too!

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    • That’s a great idea! I’m still working on getting back in to the routine of things after being away for 3 weeks, so maybe it’s a good time to do some experimenting with timers and alarms. Thanks for the suggestion!


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