How I’m Making My Savings Goals Fun

Remember that post where I said I’d be back and have a post on Thursday (yeah, that Thursday was actually yesterday), well I guess I was wrong… but here I am.  Better late than never, right?  (That’s generally my motto, since I am late to almost everything!)  Anyway… 

A couple weeks ago I posted about my financial goals for 2016.  One of my goals (goal #4 to be exact) was to save for all my planned spending.  It totaled up to $70,000.  That is one big audacious savings goal!  How am I going to keep up my motivation to get all that saving done?  Well, I started by breaking it in to all the smaller goals, as I mentioned in my original post, since it is easier to see progress that way, but I’m also making it fun by taking it back to my childhood enjoyment of colouring!  And I’m doing that using my fancy-dancy bullet journal!

Based on a spread that Kara over at Boho Berry did for her savings goals, I put together a spread to keep track of how much we save, and how much each goal actually ends up costing.  Because any cost savings in the goal before can be used to boost up the one after it.  So here’s my bullet journal spread:


As we save up for each level of savings, I will colour in the bars.  (Each bar represents $1000.)  The goals are listed on the right hand side of the bars, and on the left hand side is where I’ll put in how much each actually cost…

I didn’t leave as much room for things on the second column because I’m not 100% sure we will get to those ones this year (it will be quite the stretch), so I’m not at concerned about that.  If we do get there, I can make myself a new page. (And hopefully by then I’ll be a bit better at not making a mess of things or my printing will be neater…)

As you can see here, I started just colouring with whatever pen I had when I made note that we had more savings, but then I realized that I liked the look if each goal had a different colour… so the top part of the travel #2 goal is a bit of a mix… but I’ve got it sorted now…


Do you have a way to make saving money more fun?


4 thoughts on “How I’m Making My Savings Goals Fun

  1. I’m definitely a believer that making something pretty can make you enjoy it more, or be more likely to stick with it. So I love your pretty chart for that reason — it will be easier to stick to your plan and reach your goals because you’ll be eager to fill in your pretty, colorful chart! Good luck reaching those big goals this year! I think it’s awesome that you’ve set audacious ones — it’s better than setting easy-to-reach goals. Even if you don’t quite hit your target, you’ll still be better off than if you hasn’t stretched yourself at all. 🙂

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    • It’s amazing what a little colouring can do for your motivation!

      It’s definitely going to be a stretch to fill up the first column… so I have little hope for the second one… but you never know… and if I hustle hard and get lots of overtime and maybe a bonus… it might happen… And as you say, if I had easy targets, then I wouldn’t push myself as much, so it’s good even if a technically fail.

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