KonMari My Clothes – Part 2

This is part 2 of my KonMari clothes sorting adventures.  In part 1, I got through my tops and my bottoms… and then I was complaining that Marie Kondo’s method of folding and vertical storage didn’t totally work with my deep dresser drawers… but I found a hybrid solution that is working so far…

Hanging Clothes

Anyway, let’s get through the rest of the process…  After tops and bottoms, the next category of clothing to sort was “hanging clothes”.  For this category, I pretty much only had dresses… I had already been through all my tops and bottoms that I hang up, though maybe I wasn’t supposed to include those in that category?  I don’t know…

I owned a total of 6 dresses.  I decided to keep 5 and toss 1.  The one I’m tossing was a very beautiful bridesmaid dress, you know the kind that you say you will totally wear again… but I never do… and I doubt I will.  I still haven’t decided how I’m going to store my dresses, since the side of the closet that I have for my stuff doesn’t have a long hanging area… I may need to trade sides with my husband… or borrow a small section of his side?  Work in progress…

The back of the door will not be the permanent location of my dresses… but it will do until we re-arrange the whole closet…


This is an interesting or somewhat troublesome category for me… I have normal socks that I wear most days, and some do double duty as running socks… but then I have a collection of thick wool socks for wearing in my workboots at sites for work, which also sometimes double as slippers if my feet are cold in the house… and then I have my sport socks (soccer socks)… So I have a LOT of socks, but then I have to, for all the special circumstances.  As I mentioned in my clothing decluttering plan, I will go away for work for extended periods of time, and don’t want to run out of clothes and spend lots of time at the laundromat, so I need about 2 weeks worth of worksite clothes… That’s a lot of socks…

Anyway, I only tossed 7 pairs of socks & tights and 4 random single socks who had lost their mates somewhere along the way… I kept around 25 pairs of socks & tights.

Marie Kondo says that you shouldn’t fold your socks over to keep them together; it puts unnecessary “stress” on them… but the whole folding socks seems a little much for me.  I already had shoe boxes in my sock drawer to keep different types of socks separate, and I was pretty happy with that organization.  In any case, I did it… but we will see how long it lasts…

Rolled/Folded Socks.


Sorry, but I am not posting a picture of my underwear on the internet… Just know that I only tossed 1 item from the underwear category, and kept about 35 (that number might be a little off due to dirty laundry…).  I did roll my underwear like Marie Kondo suggests, and it does look kinda neat… but I don’t have high hopes in it staying that way… I already had my underwear drawer sorted using shoe boxes, so I found it easier to just keep like things together in their little boxes without having to fold and roll… We will see as the weeks pass…


Complete honesty here… I may have cheated at the bags category… I did a major purge of my purses and bags way back in March, and have not acquired any more bags since then… Each bag that I have kept I have used since then, so I am very happy with my selection and didn’t feel it needed to be culled any further.  Since that post though, I did finish up the storage solution that I was working on for my bags and they are now stored on the side of my dresser:

My bags on the side of my dresser.



I like scarves… and so I have a lot of them… And a few hats, toques and mitts…

The messy pile of scarves and hats.

I really enjoy going in to the basket to pick out a scarf… especially in the winter, so I kept most of them.  They spark joy!  I did get rid of two scarves, one hat and one toque.

Thank you for keeping me warm/protected.  Good bye!

I tried to roll up the scarves to sort of follow a Marie Kondo type of folding… it sort of worked…

Scarves, hats, toques & mitts.

I’m not a huge jewelry person, and I’ve already done a purge of my jewelry back in March.  I guess I could take a few more pieces out… but I went through them quickly and didn’t really find any that I didn’t want to keep…

But I did decide to get rid of one of my two belts.  I can’t wear it because I seem to be allergic to the belt buckle, so I’m getting rid of it.  It may seem counter intuitive, but I kept the belt that is broken and falling apart.  I’m going to see if I can get a new belt made that will fit the buckle because I can wear that buckle without any irritation.

Good bye belt.  Thank you for your service.

Specific Events

I’m not sure what to put in this category… I think I covered most of my special events or uniforms in all my other clothes…  So… nothing to report here… Is there something that I am missing?


The last category within clothing is shoes.  I did a purge of my shoes way way back in February… Since then, I have acquired all of 1 pair of new “shoes” (a pair of flip flops that I wore at my wedding), and I replaced my soccer cleats with a new pair… which have already started falling apart… lame.  I haven’t really had much of a change of heart on any of the shoes, but I decided I didn’t need to keep the $2 pair of flip flops that I bought for my wedding… so they got tossed.

Good bye flip flops.  Thank you for giving my feet something to walk on for my wedding.

Before / After

So there you have it… I have finished up my first category of the KonMari purge.  I am pretty happy with the results, though I’m not 100% sure I’ll keep all her folding methods… And for some before/after eye candy, here are some more pics:




















Up next is books… Not sure when I’ll get there with the craziness of the new year… but I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “KonMari My Clothes – Part 2

  1. Your closet looks very organized! Great job on the purging! I like to do this on occasion and donate the items to goodwill. Problem is with how tight I am with money, I don’t accumulate things the way I used to, so there is no need to purge as much as I used to.😁

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    • Thanks! I have to say… a lot of items I discarded are at least 4 or 5 years old… I haven’t done much accumulating in recent years, but feels good to get rid of the old items. I don’t think I’ll have much to get rid of in the future as I don’t often buy clothing for myself anymore either.

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