I Don’t Like Changes


The beach by my parents’ house.


I may have mentioned before my difficulty with change.  I like things to stay the same.

My parents are moving out of my childhood home today.  The home that they have been living in for 30+ years… While it technically wasn’t my first home, it is the only home that I remember…

So yesterday, I stopped by my parents house for some tea after my run (yup, minor personal victory – I went for a run even though my running buddy is away on a beach vacation right now – yay me!).  I figure I should say one last “Good bye” to the house before it gets completely emptied out… It was kind of sad walking around the place with everything in boxes…

But lucky for me, this wasn’t a shock.  My parents have built a new house, and so it has been their project, their baby, for the last two years…  So I’ve had two years to come to terms with the change, but today is the day…

I’m sure that it will affect my mood today for sure… Sorry everyone, I might be a little grumpy or sensitive today…

Over the past two years, my parents have been slowly passing things on to me and my sister.  We go for dinner, and leave with a box of our old childhood artwork… We stop by for a quick visit and leave with a bag of our old toys and a piece of furniture… Yesterday, I left with a few framed pieces of art from their walls and a stack of old birthday and greeting cards that I had made and received as a kid… Some of the stuff is pretty cool.  I managed to get this crazy old icebox that served as my parents’ liquor cabinet for my entire life.  I am excited to put it to use in our basement rec-room (that is not currently in existence, but someday will be…) But some of the items are sentimental papers or collections with lots of memories attached.  This is not helping my decluttering… because I am very sentimental, and while I didn’t know that these collections existed… I will definitely have a hard time recycling them now that I have them…

How well do you deal with change? 


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Changes

  1. To be honest, I don’t deal with change very well. I understand it’s necessary and even good but it’s difficult because it’s the unknown that always freaks me out. I can totally empathize with your situation. It’s your childhood home. And if you’re sentimental then your parents moving out will seem like an end to an era. Not to get cheesy on ya… but as long as you remember, it’s not really ever “the end.”

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    • You totally nailed it. It does feel like the end of an era… I have to remember what all the minimalist and decluttering blogs say… the thing itself doesn’t hold all the value, it’s the memories… and those are not attached to the thing…

      In any case, I survived yesterday… so now I’ll just have to come to terms with the new normal…


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