Fall Fitness Update

On Monday I promised that I would at least get an update on my fall fitness plan written and posted… so here it is…

How is my fall fitness plan going?  Well, the short answer is… it isn’t… but maybe that’s a little harsh…

But seriously, I just updated my sheet for the challenge… and I’ve only done 9 of 26 days so far… and 5 of those were my rest days (kind of cheating to call them “done”)…

Fall Fitness Challenge Results… so far…

You can see (or maybe I cut that part off in that photo…) that I did do a couple other forms of exercise in there… but not enough to make up for it.

I did however do the 8k race that I mentioned when I was updating my health & fitness goals.  In order to make up for my failure on the half marathon pace that I wanted to do, I decided to try and at least run the 8k race at the same pace that I had wanted to do the half marathon.  I figured it would be easier to keep the pace up for only 8k compared to the 21k of the half marathon.

Well, the race was last weekend (Thanksgiving in Canada), but since I hadn’t done much training or fitness in the weeks leading up to it, I didn’t have much hope when I started out the morning of the race.  Add to that the fact that I had hosted a “friendsgiving” the night before the race, which involved eating and drinking way too much, and then staying up late singing karaoke with my friends.

Whatever the excuses I was giving myself, I sucked it up and did the 8k race.  I was pretty proud of myself and managed to run the 8k with an apparent average pace of 5m44s per km (according to my “map my run” app), but my official time was 47:02 (5m53s per km pace).  Not quite the 45:00 I was aiming for, but looking at my running results page, I see that it actually beats my previous personal best (from 2009) by 20 seconds!  Woohoo!

There are 14 days left in my fall fitness challenge, so I’m going to really need some good motivation to get back on it and finish it up.  If I do them all, I will have completed 23 of 40 days (more than 50% is a pass in my books…) so it’s pretty critical to get them all done.  I hope that you will help keep me accountable for this.

What are you doing for fitness this fall?


2 thoughts on “Fall Fitness Update

  1. I’m a runner, but slacked a bit a the end of the summer due to travel and family “stuff” (illnesses and such), so I definitely made a point to ramp up my running a bit. I’ve been really good at sticking to a 5 day per week running schedule for the past month, partly because the weather is so much cooler and running is easier for me. Great job on your PR! Especially without the intended training behind it! I say, go for it and stick to your schedule so that you can get half of the workouts that you planned in, you’ll be glad that you did.


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