Professional Goals Update

Professional Goals Update

Similar to my post yesterday reviewing my financial goals, today I’m going to quickly review my professional goals.  This will be a much shorter post because I only made 3 goals on my original professional goals post back in December.

The first goal was to write and pass my exam that will allow me to move up in my career.  I did that in April and received word in May that I had passed, so I called that goal complete.  However, I still haven’t completed the remaining paperwork to actually finish things up… So, I’m going to make this my new goal before Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving in October) to get that paperwork sorted out and submitted.

My second goal was to be more productive at work.  This goal is very hard to measure, as it is not at all quantitative… But I don’t feel like I have been successful with this at all.  I still have trouble focusing at work and often get distracted by non-work related things during work hours.  In the next few weeks (before I go away for work and that brings a whole new work environment), I want to refocus on the plan I made myself back in January, and with the help of my morning schedule, work hard at getting to work on time.  (Yesterday I managed 8:15, pretty good for me!)  I think I am also going to print out my plan and post it next to my computer on my desk at work.  Hopefully the visual reminder will help me focus.

My third goal was to read a work related text each month.  This was a great idea, but with everything else going on, I really just abandoned this goal a long time ago.  It’s best to just admit it now and leave this goal alone.  Once I get more productive at work, and feel like I am in control, not always behind, then maybe I can revisit this goal and have the time to make a list of reading material that would be appropriate.  So I’m just going to get rid of this goal.

Is it bad that I am abandoning one of my goals?  Have you reevaluated some of your career goals recently?


4 thoughts on “Professional Goals Update

    • I feel a bit like I am restarting on these goals, but if I can make some real progress between now and the end of the year, I’ll feel like I succeeded. 🙂 Maybe I can revisit my abandoned goal for next year.


  1. As Ali said, it’s good to adjust your goals continually! Things change, reality doesn’t match expectations, etc. If you’re hitting two out of the three, that’s great! And there are other ways to learn besides reading books about work subjects. Can you find other professional development opportunities that are easier to fit into your schedule? Or that work would even pay for??


    • Yes, I could look at other professional development avenues, but right now my schedule is pretty full, I think actually doing my job properly and maintaining some sort of semblance of a life, along with all my other goals, is enough for me right now… In the future, I definitely want to take advantage of any opportunities for training that my work will pay for. That’s definitely a good think to look in to!

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