Getting back in the groove…

So here it is, Monday morning… I’m back to work today after 2 weeks off.  I’m sure today is going to drag on forever…

Most of my spare time on the weekend was spent crafting some thank you cards, but I did review my Sunday Plan last night.

  1. I checked the calendar and determined what my evening activities are.  I coordinated a bit with my husband (still feels a little funny typing that out!) but I will have to have a quick chat again tonight for some things that I realized after he had gone to bed last night.
  2. I made myself a somewhat ambitious to do list.  It might be a little too ambitious, but hopefully I can get most of it cleared off by the end of the week.
  3. I didn’t go all the way through the week to list items I’ll need for the day… but I did for today, so that was prepared… In fact, I also loaded some stuff in my car yesterday so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
  4. I didn’t make a full week meal plan, but made a note of which days I’ll be home for dinner, which days have lots of prep time, and which need to have something quick… I’ll make the shopping list and tentative meal plan during lunch today and shop on my way home from work.
  5. I did review our expenses on Friday, so there wasn’t much to add, but I did make sure things were updated.

So, maybe not the full Sunday plan that I had originally wanted with my getting organized plan, but pretty good to get me started on the right foot for my return from holiday.

I also wanted to make sure I did the things on my evening list.

  1. We washed most of our dishes… there were quite a few because of going away for a night to a friend’s wedding, and leftovers from our wedding stuff… so there are a couple that didn’t get done because the drying rack filled up…
  2. I made lunches for both myself and my husband.  I’ll have to add some lunch items to the grocery lists for the rest of the week, but we had enough stuff to make a pretty decent lunch for today.
  3. I did not prep today’s meal… because I hadn’t actually made any plans…
  4. I was doing laundry yesterday, so I made a point to make sure that I didn’t leave any loads half done before going to bed.
  5. I didn’t really need to review my to-do list last night, since I made it last night… so I guess that means that I did this one?
  6. As I mentioned above, I did collect stuff for my day today, and even loaded some in to the car!

So again, not perfect… but having the plans to follow definitely helps me quickly feel more in control and prepared for the week ahead.

Do you have a plan to get you back on track after a vacation or extended holiday?


8 thoughts on “Getting back in the groove…

  1. Love the thank you cards, they are so pretty! I hate coming home after a few days on vacation – so much to do! We usually focus on food first since generally our fridge is empty when we return. Once that’s out of the way I clean, then I start working on my to do list.

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