Where did that week go?

So… not exactly sure what happened there… but I totally dropped off the blogging planet for over a week… whoops.

Okay, I actually do know what happened… life got busy, and just when it made the least sense, I went away for work for a week… so here it is July 31st and I’m behind on my blogging… so many blogs to catch up on reading, lots of ideas swirling in my head of things to write… and let’s not discuss the state of my decluttering or fitness challenges…

Oh, and tomorrow is 2 weeks until my wedding day.  Nothing is done!  Okay, we know that is also a bit of a lie, since I posted a list of things I had completed, and things are slowly moving forward, but I’m starting to feel the pinch… but this weekend is my bachelorette party (total surprise to me, I know nothing about it, except that I am getting picked up on Saturday morning…)  But that means that I won’t get any further ahead this weekend…

So instead of any meaningful content today, I’m going to share a couple photos from my work trip, and then hopefully skip out of the office early today and get some wedding tasks and errands done.

The drive in to site.
In a small town in the middle of nowhere there is this super old and ornate little church. Slightly run down now, but still not at all what I expected to see on the way in to site.
Sunset on my way home.

6 thoughts on “Where did that week go?

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I don’t want to stress about blogging, because I really just enjoy doing it, but I am definitely going to have to decrease my time spent on blogging until I feel a bit more in control of the wedding stuff… 🙂

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  1. Oooh, that church looks awesomely creepy. Good luck with the wedding and, as others have already said, the blog will still be here once you get back from your honeymoon.

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