Mission: Get Fit – update…

Technically, today is day 12 of my fitness challenge… But since I’ve missed 3 days, I’ve only actually done 9 days of exercise. I’m not beating myself up about it, but what I have been doing is if I miss a day, then the next day I don’t get any rest days, so I replace any rests with the activity that I missed from the day before, and I just have to keep going on the others… So today was supposed to be a rest day for squats, but missing yesterday’s 40, meant that this morning was 40… And I may have given myself two days with 18 tricep dips, but since I missed yesterday, and today’s count was 20, I had to do 20 this morning…

My results so far…

I’ve roped my running buddy in to doing the exercises with me on the mornings we run… She’s a good sport! This morning we did a 6k run, then did the fitness challenge by the beach. Beautiful morning for it.

Beach workout

Happy Monday Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Mission: Get Fit – update…

  1. Good luck! I’m trying to get active again in preparation for fitting into my FinCon clothes. Well, more comfortably fitting into them.

    It’s tough because I have fatigue, so I have to be careful about pacing myself. And resting enough. I did arm exercises for the first time in ages, and I was sore the next two days, instead of just one. I did legs on Sunday, and am still whimpering today. Doesn’t help that my husband has been in the hospital, so I spent part of Sunday and most of yesterday getting in and out of the chair by the side of the bed.

    But the second time I did arms I didn’t hurt at all the next day. So I should soon be back in the swing of things. Which is good… I think.


    • Thanks! Good luck to you too!
      It is important that you don’t wear yourself out. Eating right and getting lots of rest are both super important to getting fit!

      Being sore can be good… sometimes I like the feeling of sore muscles (to a degree) because it reminds me that I’m working hard…


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