June 2015 – Goals in Review

June 2015 Goals


Now, before I get started on this review, I have to admit that I’m getting a little tired of writing a review of all of my goals when there hasn’t been any progress on them… Or maybe I’m just tired of my goals… So… I’m going to change it up a bit here, and just review the goals that I’ve made progress on, or have something to report… Which isn’t much this month…

If you want to see a list of all my goals for 2015, you can check out my goals page.

Financial Goals

2. Savings/Planned Spending:
We got our new roof this month, so the home reno fund was successfully filled, and then drained… I’m sure we’ll get a new goal for the home reno fund soon enough, but until then we can concentrate on other savings…

3. RRSP:
After discussing if it was even possible for me to retire early, I increased my RRSP contribution this month.  That is progress!

5. Emergency Fund:
You’ll see it when I post our budget stuff (hopefully tomorrow)… but that $3000 that we had in the emergency fund at the end of May?  Yeah, some of it got used up by excessive travel and fun expenses… not what it is for… but what are you gonna do?  The Women’s World Cup is not likely to come back to Canada anytime soon… And I’m a soccer player… It has been awesome to go watch the games!  The final is on Sunday!  WOOT!

Professional Goals

2. Productivity:
It’s not necessarily directly related to work, but my getting organized series a couple weeks ago has been helping me get more productive in general… Hopefully I can keep it up.

Health & Fitness

1. Weight Loss:
Yeah… so I’m pretty sure I’m back up at my post Christmas weight… not good… So much celebration and fun and such going on these days… I have a month and a half for my goal… I think I might try one of those 30 day fitness challenges as motivation to get more exercise… and I’m going to concentrate on my drinking less goal too…

6. 7 drinks per week:
I have definitely not been successful recently at limiting myself to 7 drinks… unless it is for one day… just kidding… sort of… don’t worry, it’s not every day, but still… ugh… I am going to try and make a solid conscious effort to be successful at this goal this month.

Misc. Goals

1. Decluttering:
I may not have done a decluttering task per week, but I did finally post about my bathroom declutter.

3. Wedding Planning:
Progress has definitely been made here… Still have a lot to do, but we are getting there… I said last month that I might post my to-do list… I never did… Maybe I will later this week…

Are you still tracking your new year’s resolutions?  Have you made any progress on them lately?  Or have you moved on to new goals?


3 thoughts on “June 2015 – Goals in Review

  1. I feel like I say this every month, but you are doing awesome and you should stop being so hard on yourself! Congrats on all your progress 🙂


  2. […] The first half of the year is in the books! I do feel like time is flying, but thinking back to when I started this blog in January… that was kind of forever ago. Each month, when I do these reviews, I tend to get down on myself, and focus on all the things I haven’t accomplished. I want to change the tone this month, and for the rest of the year, and focus more on what I have done, like my friend allroundbetterme. […]


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