Puzzle Club Update


Do you remember a while back I wrote a post about how to start a puzzle club?  I bet you thought that would be a one time thing… and you’d never hear about it again, right?  Well, you would be wrong… In fact, our puzzle club has grown!

A few weeks back we had my bridal shower.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and we hung out on my parents’ patio for quite a long time.  My original puzzle club friend was in attendance, and her gift to me was a puzzle roll-up storage thing.  The perfect solution to the overly intense puzzling of our first meeting.  So, of course we had to explain why I would need such a thing, and so word of the puzzle club was spread.

Puzzle Roll Up

Later that same evening we decided to test out the puzzle roll-up thing, so five of us took the roll-up thing back to my house, poured ourselves some gin cucumber mojito type drinks (so delicious, I will have to share a recipe!), and did some puzzling.  We have now dubbed this our “impromptu recruitment meeting” for puzzle club.  We worked quite hard on the puzzle, but decided to test out the capabilities of the roll-up storage device and put it away before we completed it.


Then just last week, we organized an “official” meeting (we’ll call this meeting #2) of the puzzle club.  Being a week day, we didn’t pour the wine or the gin quite as freely, and there were a few last minute cancellations, so there were only three of us… but we had a few snacks, and pulled out the rolled up puzzle, and went to work.

Puzzle Club #2

Turns out the portion of the puzzle that we had left was actually quite difficult, and although we had thought it would be a quick finish and we’d move on to a new puzzle, it actually took us the whole evening to complete the sky section.  But complete it we did.  And puzzle club meeting #2 was a success!  Time to plan the next meeting!

puzzle #2

Do you have a club that you use as an “excuse” to meet up with friends?  Perhaps a book club?

P.S. It is totally okay to be laughing at me… I find the fact that this puzzle club is actually happening quite hilarious myself!


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