Getting Organized: An Update…

Getting Organized... An Update...

I’m sure you were all waiting anxiously to find out how my first week of “getting organized” went… Or maybe not… but in any case, I’m going to give you a quick recap…

In summary, it didn’t go so well… but I still feel like there was some progress made, so maybe with a couple more weeks it will go a bit better…

I started the week off strong, with my Sunday plan completed on Sunday evening, I thought for sure I was in for a 100% success rate.  And while I did do some of my evening to-do list on Sunday night, I didn’t get it totally completed… my lunch was only half made, and I definitely left a few dishes in the sink… (not a good start)

So, Monday morning, when I slept through my 5:30 am alarm… Or hit snooze in my sleep… I’m not sure which really… the morning didn’t exactly follow my morning schedule… And then I didn’t have that extra time to make up for my slacking on the evening to-do list… Which of course means that I didn’t leave on time for work… and didn’t make my goal of 8am arrival at work.

I won’t go through each day in detail… but basically, each day there was something not completed or delayed or not part of a normal day, so that I didn’t follow the plans 100% on any given day.  And I definitely didn’t make the 8am at work goal on any day…

However, the week wasn’t really a “normal” week (but when are there ever really normal weeks?)… So, maybe I can use that as my excuse?  Do I even need an excuse?

Anyway, here it is Thursday afternoon and I’m almost done another week… Sunday evening I tried really hard to complete the Sunday plan, though I didn’t go through expenses (not super critical anyway)…  nor did I really meal plan… But I did make an effort to have lunch foods all packed up to go for Monday.  But Monday morning I struggled with getting up… so my morning was slow, and not to schedule… And then we went away for a night (Tuesday night), so that messes with the whole plan completely… Coming home early Wednesday morning and going straight to work… Last night I did put in some effort to get a bit organized, I did the dishes, made my lunch… But this morning I again slept in… but did spend some time stretching and watered the garden…

This is definitely a work in progress… Hopefully I can put in the extra effort next week to try and make it more of a habit… It will be tough though because I know that there will be no “normal” weeks for the next few weeks anyway, and things are busy both at home and at work… Fingers crossed that this plan helps keep me organized during the chaos of the next little while…


4 thoughts on “Getting Organized: An Update…

  1. You may already have figured this out, but cut down on the number of things you have on your to-do list. I have health problems, so I have a maximum of two goals for a given day. That could be anything from making sure I mail a check, taking checks to the bank, calling to make an appointment, going to an appointment.

    Seriously small stuff. But trying to do too much is the best way to frustrate yourself and cause yourself to fall behind. Then you’re stressed that you’re behind, which makes you less efficient and… yeah.

    If it’s just a matter of routine — I haven’t seen the original post — just give it time and learn from yourself by examining how things fall apart. It takes time to get into the groove of a routine. So just try to figure out what went right/wrong and adjust accordingly.


    • Thanks, you bring up a good point… I probably do try to take on too much… perhaps I need to be a bit better at only giving myself a couple things to do…

      It is also about routine… I think it will take some time… I like your idea of examining what when right/wrong… I should pay a bit closer attention to that.


  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself!! The hard thing about to-do lists is that you always feel bad about the things you didn’t check off instead of feeling good about the things you DID check off. Every little bit of progress helps, even if it doesn’t feel like it!


    • So true! I should be happy when I check anything off the list, eh? 🙂
      I do feel like there has been progress, and I really shouldn’t be too hard on myself if it doesn’t go 100% right away. Thanks for the support!

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