Tuesday To Do List

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m back from my work road trip.  The work stuff went well, but the attempt to catch up on blog reading and writing didn’t really happen… but I did make it to the community club gym to do a quick work out once while I was away (my arms were sore for two days, so I must have worked harder than I thought)… which is great, but it still means that for the first time this year I was unable to meet my fitness goal of doing some form of exercise three times a week.  I also went over my drink limit by 1… but that week is over now, and I need to just work on getting back on track.

To Do ListTo Do List Photo Credit

So, what’s the best way to do that?  Make a to do list!

Tuesday: We had summer soccer tonight, so that limited my ability to get stuff done…
– stop by bank to get summer soccer fees (cash)  – Done
– visit my sister for bridal shower planning  – Done

– morning run with my running buddy  – Done!
– buy an 80s bridesmaids dress for a bachelorette weekend for my friend  – Done!
– review wedding invites & send to be printed  – Done, but had to get some edits done first… 
– RSVP to the other weddings we are attending this summer.  – Done!
– write another blog post  – Done!  >> see my Garden post… 
– wash all laundry from work trip  – Done!

Thursday: I have more summer soccer…
– plan invite stuffing night with friends  – Done!
– review half month budget with my fiance  – half done… (we updated it, but didn’t really talk about it much…)
– pack for weekend away  – half done… (I packed some of it on Friday morning…)
– buy liquor and mix for bachelorette drinks  – Done!

Friday: I’m leaving work early to go on the bachelorette weekend, so only have the morning before work to get some things done…
– general tidy of the house before leaving so it’s clean for the fiance all weekend.  – Done!

I could probably add more things to the list, but if I only keep the lists small, I’m hoping to actually complete them… You job, dear readers, is to keep me accountable.

And now I’ll share some pictures from my work trip…

Work Road Trip 1

Work Road Trip 2

Do you have to do lists for the week?  How do you keep track of the to do items and not get overwhelmed?


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