April 2015 – Goals in Review

april goals in review

I can’t believe that it is the last day of April.  Normally (as normal as 3 previous blog posts can be…), I post my goals in review once the new month starts, but I’m away for work right now, so it’s not likely that I’ll magically get anything accomplished, so might as well post my review early.

So here goes…

Financial Goals

1. Budget: I don’t think our spending has improved at all yet, but I am absolutely loving using the YNAB software and app.  And as a bonus, I think that my fiance doesn’t mind it too much either.  He’s not perfect with using it yet, but neither am I.

2. Savings (or planned spending): My fiance has decided that he really wants to get our roof done this summer, so has started transferring money pretty regularly to the home reno fund.  It’s definitely growing.  Yay!

3. RRSP: I still haven’t increased my monthly contributions yet, but I did transfer some found money from a pension at a previous employer to my RRSP, so it has jumped up quite a bit.  In fact, I just looked back at my goals page to see what the number was I wanted to get to this year… $36,000 in my RRSP… so thanks to my “found” money and the markets, that’s done!  🙂  New goal: $48,000 in my RRSP.

4. TFSA: no action… nothing to report… Though with the news of the increased limits might make me more motivated to start using it… only time will tell…

5. Emergency Fund: So, I can’t say that I’ve actually set aside new money for this emergency fund, but with the YNAB software that we are using, every cent has to have a job… so I have allocated some money to our emergency fund.  So finally, progress has been made.  As I work out the kinks with our budget, this should be easy enough to save up.

Professional Goals

1. Exam: The exam has been written.  Success!  I still have to wait for the results to know if I will actually pass the exam, or if my new goal will be to re-write the exam in a few months… I should know by the end of next month…

2. Productivity: I had a couple pretty productive days at work this week, but generally my arrival times have been getting later and I’ve been getting distracted and spread out, rather than focusing.

3. Work Related Reading: Other than my studying for my exam, I have not done any reading yet… I’m getting further and further behind on this goal, as I should have read 4 things by now.

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Weight Loss: So… yeah… I am up some weight now… Still down from Christmas, but I have to get some self discipline going if I’m going to make my target of our wedding.  On the plus side, my fiance is on a kick to lose some weight before the wedding too, so maybe we can keep each other more accountable and keep the temptations out of the house.

2. 10k in under 1 hour: I posted about our run on Sunday.  First attempt at 60 minutes and we didn’t quite make it.  So we will be signing up for another one soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

3. 1/2 marathon in 2 hours: I haven’t exactly been following my training plan, but I am feeling good for the half at the end of May.  I’m not completely sure I’ll been 2 hours, but if I am close I’ll be happy and consider it a success.  I can always try for another half marathon in the fall.

4. Exercise 3 times a week: Success!  Though it was pretty tight one week… I think I only made exactly 3 times one week in April.

5. Weekly Meal Plan: I’ve been a little slack at meal planning lately… But, I’m going away for work again, so I’ll have to do some meal planning for myself as I am going to a site where I do my grocery shopping for the whole week before driving in.

6. 7 drinks per week: End-of-season parties, hockey playoffs and birthdays definitely caused me some trouble in this goal this month… So… fail…

Miscellaneous Goals

1. Decluttering Tasks: I did get my desk decluttered so that I could study, but nothing else yet…

2. Garden Plan: I bought some seeds… but I haven’t planted them yet.  Hopefully I will do this on the weekend.

3. Wedding Planning: We decided on flower girl dresses and got them purchased.  And we talked to our DJ and have a dinner planned with him to go over the details… and we’ve been working on invites… Just haven’t finished anything yet.

Overall April Result: C+

I am not unhappy with the results from April.  All things considered, I think I did pretty well.  I didn’t get everything done, but progress was made.  That’s all I can ask for…

How was your April?  Did you achieve all that you had hoped?

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4 thoughts on “April 2015 – Goals in Review

  1. We should be friends! In our goals and response to met/missed goals we seem very similar. So, hello blog friend. Congrats on where you met your goals and keep up the hard work on working toward meeting the others (and high-five for not being very dramatic about your misses.)

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    • Hello blog friend! Reading your blog, I have felt that we may be similar… so I am happy that we are now blog friends. 😉 And thanks for stopping by! There really is no point in beating myself up over my misses… that is really just counter productive… and as I’m already not super productive, that would just be bad. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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