Follow-up On My Phone Dilemma

I thought I’d just post a quick update on my phone dilemma that I discussed in a couple posts (here & here) earlier in the year.

My plan was to get rid of both my personal cell phone and my home phone (land line), and rely solely on the “free” cell phone that my work provides me.

So, have I done it?

Well, as of sometime on March 13th, we no longer have a home phone number.  It has been canceled, so that is $32/month in our pocket from now on.  As I mentioned in my original posts, we had to replace the cat tags so that Big Cat and Little Cat can be safely returned to us when (not if) they get into mischief.  Since my fiance was the one pushing for the home phone to be canceled, I made a deal that if he got the cat tags, I’d cancel the phone.  So he did just that, and I held up my side of the bargain, so hopefully nobody is trying to reach us at that number… We have already taken the old phones and donated them.  Phone clutter be gone!

And my personal cell phone?

It has taken me a bit longer to get that one sorted out…  But, I have finally made the call to cancel it.  I arranged for it to be canceled as of May 14th.  This came with a pretty hefty cancellation fee, but my monthly bill was over $90, so I had calculated it out that it would still save me money to just cancel it than wait it out…

The day after I made this call, I got a call back from the wireless company… I guess every time someone cancels they have a second person take a look at the file and attempt to get you back… Anyway, this guy told me that if I just change my plan to the minimum plan possible at $10-15/month until my contract is up next March, it is actually cheaper than paying out my cancellation fee…

So, after all that… I still technically have my old cell phone for another year, but with the minimal plan (read no data, almost no talk, etc), so I am not using it.  In fact, they guy was helpful enough to actually disable all the features by making my phone reported as “lost” so that no extra charges are possible.  Sweet!

It’s a moot point though because I removed the SIM card from the phone and it’s now sitting in a bowl on my dresser as a reminder that in a year, I have to once again make a phone call to the wireless company and finally cancel my phone for good. (Don’t worry, I also made myself a reminder in my work phone.)  All to save me around $50… I better do something good with that extra $50!

I am not going to lie… I’m a bit sad to see my old number go… Good bye phone number that I have apparently had since 2003… (that’s what the cancellation guy on the phone said).  In hindsight, I probably should have done it sooner in order to save more money, but it has been done now, and the future me will thank me.

Have you had to let go of something that you have a strange or unreasonable attachment to?


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