Exam Done!

Well, I wrote my exam yesterday… I won’t know for 6-8 weeks if I passed, but at least I can stop studying…

I still have a few other things left to do associated with the exam process, but at least I can stop studying and concentrate on other stuff for a little while.

Next weekend is our first attempt at 10k, and I want to get back to the decluttering, and I have a few other ideas that I want to write about. So please stay tuned for some more regular posting.

And because everyone loves kitty pictures… Here’s one of little cat:

Little Cat

6 thoughts on “Exam Done!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited that it is done. Still very nervous about the results, but until I get those, I can just pretend that it went great and I won’t have to re-write it. As for the 10k this weekend, I think we’ll do great. I’m not totally positive on the 60min time, but in any case, we’ll run hard and feel good about it.


    • Mmmm… bubbly… maybe I’ll have a mimosa after my run this weekend. The run I’m doing is the equivalent of the Sun Run but in Victoria. I had a few friends that ran in the Sun Run last weekend. They were lucky to have great weather. We will probably have rain for our run…


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