Decluttering Week #7 – Office Desktop

Well, this task wasn’t so much the desktop, as it was underneath the desk… but the desktop also required cleaning…

The office is a room that we want to renovate pretty soon, as it should be a pretty simple reno that we may actually be able to handle ourselves (I’m not exactly handy… but my fiance is getting pretty good at doing random house stuff… )  If you look closely at the wall, you’ll see that it is really “nice” wood paneling that has been primed.  We took down wall paper to find this underneath.  Next step will be to take the wood paneling down and discover what’s behind that… but that’s a project for another day, and hopefully I’ll post all our renovation adventures in the future… but for now, back to the decluttering task…

So here are the before pictures:


I’ve shown my bookshelf that is in the basement as well because that is where a good chunk of the stuff went… I’d like to say that I organized all sorts of stuff and got rid of loads of junk, but unfortunately, with the need to study this month, I just had to get my desk in to a useable state.  I did go through a few boxes of stuff, got rid of some garbage and some random pieces.  I also put things away to their proper places (tools in to the shed, sports equipment to the garage, etc.)  Most everything else that I did was just organizing things into boxes to be organized later, and then relocating the boxes to the bookshelf in the basement so that I can use my desk.  Not exactly decluttering really, but maybe more preparing for future decluttering?

In any case, here are my after photos:


I know it is not the final result that I want, but for now I have a place that I can study, and things are contained in boxes that I can slowly go through… I guess I am decluttering in stages?  Next go ’round I’ll get rid of more stuff…

Hopefully I can use my amazing procrastination skills while studying to catch up on some more of my decluttering tasks and do some of the parts of the packing party that Anne Lene is doing over at Minimalist Sometimes.

Do you declutter in stages?  How many “revisions” have you done in your decluttering journey?


6 thoughts on “Decluttering Week #7 – Office Desktop

    • Clutter must be some sort of distant relation to bunnies the way it can so easily multiply…
      Good luck with the closet/office. Take before and after pictures! I love those so much! 🙂
      My closet is on the list to do pretty soon here…

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