Happy Easter!

So, random post today… I just felt like sharing what a good day I had Friday… It’s kind of like bragging… but I felt really productive and so I wanted to post something positive after my sort of negative week of posts (not really doing so well on my goals and going over budget in March).

Friday was Good Friday, which meant that I had the day off work.  Awesome!

I slept in, then took the bus downtown (ya public transit!) to meet with my hairstylist for my wedding to discuss budget and plans, etc.  I made the frugal decision to go for a regular green tea at the coffee shop (go April budget!).

After that I walked through the public market downtown and bought some delicious locally made sausages for dinner, which totally went against my meal plan for the week, but I felt good supporting the local farm, and it was probably a healthier than the pizza that I had planned…

After dropping off the last of our tax papers to the accountant, I took the bus back home and then my fiance and I worked on our wedding website for most of the afternoon (progress on yet another goal).  I walked to the corner store to get other items to go with the sausages for dinner.


I’m pretty proud of myself for the healthy and frugal meal I put together.

Starters: chips & salsa (1/2 bag of chips = 1/2 of $3.99 = $2) (salsa we already had = free!)
Main: sausages with grilled carrots + grilled veggies ($10 + $1.99 + $1.38 + 1/2 $0.30 + 1/2 $2.41 = $14.73 for 3 people)
Dessert: ice cream $5.99, but we only ate about 1/4 of the container… so… maybe $1.50 or up to $2

The total for the three course meal for three people: $18.73  It’s not the cheapest meal, but pretty darn good compared to eating out.


The meal was pretty simple, but delicious.  I got the inspiration for my grilled carrots from this recipe on the birthday dinner blog.  I love BBQ season.  We ate BBQ last night too:


Oh, and I decided to decorate for easter:


After dinner on Friday, I sat down with my books and studied for a few hours.  I’m just getting in to the swing of how to study again… it’s been SOO long.  and I’m a bit behind my study plan… but I did it, I started studying.  Go me!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter!


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. It has never occurred to me to grill carrots. Those look amazing! Another idea I’m stealing from you 🙂
    And I’m glad you are feeling so positive about all your hard work and productivity!


    • They are really tasty! Especially if you drizzle some honey or maple syrop on them!

      And yes, I am feeling more positive. A relaxing long weekend definitely helps. One more day off! 🙂


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