March 2015 – Goals in Review

March 2015 Goals

I can’t believe March is already done… And Easter is this weekend. I am excited for the long weekend, but will probably spend most of it catching up on my studying… Lame, I know…

March was pretty much a failure on the goals front.  I didn’t do much on my goals this month… like nothing.  So this review won’t have much progress to report. I was definitely feeling the March “blahs”… Most goals are still at the same place where they were at the end of February, but none the less, here it is:

Financial Goals

1. Budget: I did a bit of a rework on our budget this month, and I will do a post tomorrow on the results. Lots of room for improvement on actually sticking to the budget, but at least I can say the budget has been made.  And we have made a budget for April, which I will post later this week as well.

2. Savings (or planned spending): The only increases to our planned spending accounts is because of interest… very low interest…

3. RRSP: The only addition to this was my regularly scheduled direct deposit.  Which I still haven’t increased… so, pretty much nothing to report…

4. TFSA: no action… nothing to report…

5. Emergency Fund: I said in my last goals review that I would make progress on this one by the end of this month… but I haven’t… so once again… nothing to report…

Professional Goals

1. Exam: I attended the seminar this month… and I have the books… and I have a study plan… and I cleaned off my desk (decluttering post coming soon)… Now I just have to actually study.

2. Productivity: Ugh… definitely no progress here… in fact, I think I am getting further behind in my work…

3. Work Related Reading: still nothing… other than skimming some parts of my text books for my exam…

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Weight Loss: I’m up a bit… but still down 5.8 lbs from my post Christmas weight… part of me wants to say this is because I am gaining muscle… but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve been eating more junk food lately… need to cut down on that.

2. 10k in under 1 hour: We ran our first full 10k practice on the weekend.  Was a little over an hour, so some progress left to make, but we have 4 weeks, and there is always the adrenaline of race day to help keep us moving, so I am feeling good on this one.

3. 1/2 marathon in 2 hours: I registered for the 1/2 marathon in May. And I did post a training plan, and I did go on a few runs, though not enough to say that I am actually following my training plan… progress was made though, just not enough yet…

4. Exercise 3 times a week: Success! As I said last month, with all my other fitness goals and my team sports, this one is almost too easy…

5. Weekly Meal Plan: Still doing okay on this one when I am in town (was away a bit this month, so the fiance was on his own… )

6. 7 drinks per week: I was successful only one of four weeks, so yet another failure.  This might be why my weight is up a little too…

Miscellaneous Goals

1. Decluttering Tasks: I did some catch up on this and did a couple posts last week… but am still quite behind… I updated my decluttering task list to include a few more tasks to do, which are sort of following along with the Pseudo Packing Party that Anne Lene is hosting over at Minimalist Sometimes.

2. Garden Plan: We did some work in the garden this month, cleaning some things up, but I haven’t actually bought any seeds, or made any plans…

3. Wedding Planning: So… yeah… no progress since last month… Time to get on it though.

Overall March Result: D

Definitely not a very successful month… hopefully I can get some motivation back in April and get back on track.


6 thoughts on “March 2015 – Goals in Review

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Life has a way of slowing down our goal progress – don’t give up the goals! Acknowledge the slow down (which you did!) Maybe you have too many on your plate right now. Our daughter is getting married in June and wedding planning feels like a full time job to her – a little less for me! Congrats on the accomplishments you did!

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    • Awe, thanks! Yeah, maybe I did come across a little harsh on myself… I just really want to use the lack of progress and kick in the pants. If you knew how many times I just totally procrastinated instead of accomplishing something… But thank you for the encouragement. I should be more positive and just get working on some small steps. Small steps are still progress. 🙂


  2. I’m with declutteringthestuff! Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are still moving forward on your goals. Slow and steady does it you know 😉 and on some of the goals, you’ve got the rest of us beat, hands down (I wish I was as active as you on workouts… thats my “failed” goal…)

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    • Thanks Anne Lene! I am still moving forward… or at least not moving backwards, right? So that is positive.
      My fitness has been one that I’ve been working on for a few years now, so it is a habit that is pretty easy to keep now. But I shouldn’t be so dismissive of that accomplishment. Thanks! Now I just need to catch up to you with the decluttering! 😉


  3. Wow, I feel like you are being really hard on yourself! All the decluttering pics you posted were very impressive. Plus you sound like you’re doing an amazing job with running/working out. And you’re studying, saving, planning – you’re heading into the Spring in great shape 🙂 Kudos!

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    • It seems I was a bit hard in my review for March… I did get a few decluttering tasks done, so I should be proud of that. As for the studying… I haven’t actually started that… but this weekend, that is my plan… studying and wedding planning… Thanks for the encouragement and positive support! 🙂


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