Five Photos, Five Stories Finale

I had grand plans of writing a great post last night for the finale of my five photos, five stories challenge, but then we went to the pub to watch the Canucks game, and played some music bingo… and well… then it was late, and I’d had a few drinks… and going to bed was the only thing I was doing.

But the challenge must be completed, so here I am in the morning typing up a quick post so that I can complete the challenge.

So, to continue with the animal trend that I started at the beginning of the week, I’ll share this photo:


Please excuse the horrible photography… but I had to capture the moment… And now the story to go along with it…

This was taken at my old house.  One night I was calling for my cats to come in for the night, and they didn’t come right away of course, but a few minutes later I heard some scratching at the window… My first thought was that the cats had decided to listen and wanted in now… but no, instead the raccoons had answered my call.  It was really quite strange because it did seem like they wanted in, and they sat there for quite some time… They were two babies, so maybe they were waiting for their mum?  Our patio was enclosed by a pretty high wall, so perhaps the mom left them in a “safe” place while she went and found some food?  I was never able to grow any strawberries on my patio because the raccoons would always eat them.  They eventually left, but not until after my cats had both come in and meowed and hissed at them from behind the safety of the glass.  Silly cats!

And so ends my five photos, five stories challenge.  If you missed my previous posts this week, Jillian from How To Be Myself nominated me for the five photos, five stories challenge where I am to post a different photo with a story for five consecutive days, and nominate another blogger to do the challenge each day.  Today I will nominate Sher from Broken With Fire to do the challenge.  And don’t worry, participation is totally optional, so no worries if you don’t want to.


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