Decluttering Week #8 – Purses & Bags

I am still desperately trying to catch up on my decluttering… so after yesterday’s decluttering post, I’m going to do another one for day #4 of five photos, five stories. I am going to go a bit our of order though, and jump from week #6 to week #8…

I have a confession… I actually did this decluttering task at the same time as I did my dresser top… I was in my bedroom, on a roll with the cleaning and decided to just keep going… So, not only am I posting it out of order, I actually did the decluttering out of order… anyway…


I don’t really have many purses or bags… but the chair where I keep them was a mess… probably mostly from my clothing, but I wanted to go through my bags and see if I could get rid of a few… and I did.

I got rid of a couple bags that were starting to fall apart, some that I had never used or were keeping for no reason other than they were a gift… and I settled on a few bags to keep.

The purses that I kept.
The purses that I kept.

Now that I have sorted through them, I want to store them in an easy way so that I can easily swap bags, and make use of all of them… I want each bag to have a spot, but I haven’t quite got there yet.  I want to buy a couple hooks to go on the side of my dresser to hang my nice purses from.  When I do that, I will post an update to this post.

Being able to easily swap bags will be a bit of a process because I have a tendency to fill my purses full of junk…  So, with this decluttering process I also emptied out the purse I was currently using, and put things away. Since doing this, I have been pretty diligent at emptying out my purse every night, and putting the key things (my phone, wallet & keys) on my freshly decluttered dresser to be put in to whichever purse or bag I decide to use in the morning. This has really been helpful.

Little cat was helping me with this process and showed her approval of the newly cleaned chair.

Little Cat Approves!
Little Cat Approves!

So there you have it, my purses have been pared down to only a few, and hopefully very soon I will have a pretty storage solution that I can show you.

Do you have multiple purses or bags?  How do you deal with swapping between them?

Another day of the of my five photos, five stories challenge is done.  If you missed my previous posts this week, Jillian from How To Be Myself nominated me for the five photos, five stories challenge where I am to post a different photo with a story for five consecutive days, and nominate another blogger to do the challenge each day.  I’m not sure that I am totally following the rules, since I am sort of posting things that I would have posted anyway… and they just happen to have photos, with sort of stories… Oh well, that’s how I’m doing it… Today I will nominate Jessica at Settle Your Finances.  And don’t worry, participation is totally optional, so no worries if you don’t want to.


8 thoughts on “Decluttering Week #8 – Purses & Bags

  1. Nice! I only have 3 purses total (I have one high quality that I use all the time and one small cross-body purse for summer and a clutch for evenings out) and I need to find a better place to store them instead of thrown on a shelf! Cute kitty!


    • I guess you can’t really see what purses I kept… I kept a medium beige one, a big black and white one, a small pink one, and a small white one. The small ones are mostly for special occasions or going out at night. The big ones are my every day ones. I would like to replace the black and white one with a “nicer” purse, but it’s fine for now.

      I’m going to go grab some of those command hooks that promise not to damage things, so I can have them hanging on the side of my dresser. The door handle is not a good solution, it really isn’t any better than tossing them on my chair… but at least I have less purses to get hooks for now.

      I think she’s pretty cute, but I’m smitten for my little kitten… 🙂


    • Thanks. Only 2 purses is impressive. It really takes time to change the way we think about stuff… As I am typing this and thinking of purses, I’m thinking of ones that I would like to get… but I don’t need any more purses…


  2. I have 5 purses in total, so it’s easy to keep them. The issue is that I put the smaller ones into the bigger ones and keep them all on the top rack of my closet, and forget about them all 😦 I have one that I keep using everyday. Time to take some other purse out for a walk I guess:) Thanks for sharing your decluttering process:)


    • I’m totally with you on forgetting about them… I’ve sort of solved that now by only having a few, and keeping ones that I enjoy looking at so that I can store them in plain view. I’m hoping that this will allow me to make use of all of them, but if I haven’t used them all in a couple months, I may have to get rid of more. Hopefully you can dig out your purses and make use of them. Thanks for stopping by!

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