Five Photos, Five Stories

Last week, Jillian from How To Be Myself did this “five photos, five stories” challenge where for five consecutive days she posted a different photo and accompanying story. Each day, she would nominate a new blogger to continue on the challenge. On day 4, she nominated me. It’s totally up to the nominee if they want to participate or not, but I think I’m going to take on the challenge because it will force me to get 5 posts done this week (even if they were posts that I was planning on doing at a later date)… So, here we go…

For day #1 of the five photos, five stories, I give you this:

Our Fish Frank
Our Fish Frank (or maybe this was Frankeska?)

This is a picture of the pet fish that we adopted for a weekend.  I went away on a girls’ weekend a few years back, and we splurged on a pretty nice hotel (but got a pretty good deal if I remember correctly…), and one of the free services that this hotel provided was that if you wanted to, they would provide you with a pet fish for the duration of your stay.  Of course, we had a few glasses of wine and decided that this was an amazing idea.  And so, Frank was delivered to our room (he came with a name tag).

Unfortunately, goldfish have a tendency to die… and we were sad to find out when we arrived back in our room later that night, that Frank has passed away.  We called the front desk and they promptly came to take Frank away, and replaced him with another fish (we didn’t think they would bring another, but we didn’t want a dead fish in our room all night).  This one didn’t come with a name tag though, so we re-used Frank’s name tag and dubbed this second fish Frankeska.  (I know that’s a weird spelling, but we were re-using the name tag…)  It was much more fitting to have a girl fish on our girls’ weekend, and she lasted the rest of the weekend.

So, that’s my story about our temporary pet fish.

Have you ever been to a hotel that provides pet fish?

And now for the nomination part of this challenge… Today I nominate Gin Is My Comfort Food.  She is doing a write challenge right now where she writes a post every day, so if she wants to do this challenge, all she really needs to do is add a photo… But it is totally up to you if you want to participate.  🙂  If you do decide to participate in the challenge, just post a different photo for five consecutive days, and include an accompanying story (fiction or non-fiction) along with each. To keep the challenge going, nominate a new blogger each day.  It’s completely up to you whether you participate. The only other rules are to mention the person who nominated you in your first post, and keep nominating others.


3 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories

  1. I was just looking at hotels and saw one that did that. I thought it was such a cute idea! But now, considering the likelihood of goldfish death, it actually seems traumatizing.

    Cute fish though 🙂 I love it! Also, I love that you’re doing this!

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