My Fitness Plan

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There are so many fitness plans out there, that I don’t really need to go through what I’m going to do for my 10 km and half marathon goals, you can Google it and you’ll come up with something that I used to make my own plan. However, for my own benefit, I would like to post my plan so that I can refer to it later and be accountable (the whole reason for this blog).

So, for the 10k, I’ll be running this with my running buddy, so it is sort of a shared plan, somewhat dependent on her. Fingers crossed that we can get this 60 minute target beat. Every year we do this 10k race together, sometimes I’m the one that is lagging behind and sometimes it is her. This year though, with my added goal of the half marathon, I may be motivated to push my training a little further. So far I definitely haven’t been the most motivated, so honestly, without her I would probably not be running in the mornings, so she is the reason that my fitness has improved.

We started running a few years ago, and at that point she had never run in a 10 km race and I was fresh off a long time away for work and was at my heaviest weight.  Our typical 4 km morning run would be a combination of running and walking, and would take us a good 60 minutes. Fast forward a few years, and a few 10k races, to Wednesday this week, which was our second run after taking some time off because my running partner was sick, and we ran almost 6km at a leisurely pace with a few walking breaks (still recovering from being sick) in around 40 minutes. That’s a huge improvement!  Last year we did our 3rd 10k race together in just over an hour. I think our official time was 1h 8min.

So anyway, my fitness plan…

The general plan is to run 2-3 times on weekdays while I have my sports practices, 1 of which will be hill training, and then run 1 long run on weekends when I don’t play sports both days.  When my sports end (and thus practices and games end), then I’ll try to up my runs to 3-4 runs per week.

I made this plan at the beginning of February, but I haven’t exactly been following it…

  • Week 1: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 6 km weekend run 2 sports games
  • Week 2: 2-3 weekday runs Sick & 6 km weekend run Sick
  • Week 3: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 8 km weekend run 2 sports games
  • Week 4: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 6 km weekend run weekend away
  • Week 5: 2-3 weekday runs Fail & 10 km weekend run  2 sports games
  • Week 6: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 12 km weekend run  2 sports games
  • Week 7: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 14 km weekend run 1 sports game + rain = fail.
  • Week 8: 2-3 weekday runs Done! & 12 km weekend run 9.5 km run
  • Week 9: 3-4 weekday runs Done! & 10 km weekend run Done! 
  • Week 10: 3-4 weekday runs Fail & 14 km weekend run 10 km run
  • Week 11: 3-4 weekday runs Done! & 16 km weekend run Fail
  • Week 12: 3-4 weekday runs Done! & 12 km weekend run 10 km run
  • Week 13: 3-4 weekday runs Done! & 10 km race weekend  Done!
  • Week 14: 3-4 weekday runs Fail & 20 km weekend run Fail
  • Week 15: 3-4 weekday runs Fail & 16 km weekend run Fail
  • Week 16: 3-4 weekday runs Fail & 10 km weekend run Fail
  • Week 17: 3-4 weekday runs Fail & 1/2 marathon race weekend Done!

I have registered for a 10k race at the end of April and for a 1/2 marathon at the end of May.  Those will be my first attempts to fulfill fitness goals #2 & #3, but if for some reason I don’t make either of my goals with those races, I have lots of time to sign up for another race of either length to try again.  Fingers crossed I don’t have to do that, and I can choose to continue with the training or not…

I will try and keep this post updated as we go along so I can keep up my accountability.

Are you training for a race of some sort?  Do you have a plan that you are following?


4 thoughts on “My Fitness Plan

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with running. My husband is usually my running partner, but sometimes he skips out and I run alone. Every year I train for a 5k and after the race I’ll stop running. I do want to be more consistent with my running and eventually run a half-marathon as well. Good luck sticking to your plan!

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    • I totally understand the love/hate relationship with running. I am extremely lucky to have a running buddy that will get up early in the mornings and run with me. It has been really helpful for motivation for sure. Plus having a couple of different races to train for so there is always something around the bend. Can you find another race to run after your 5k is done?


  2. I was the fastest girl at my middle school. I outran 9th grader when I was in 8th grade. I hate long distance running. But I’m recently discover the 60 second run, 60 seconds walk strategy which helps. Because I could still get back to the sprint 200m, then walk 50-100m then, then run again. Mr. Is a marathoner, I outran him with speed, but he’s so resilient. He can run for 8 hours, finishing 50km ultramarathon.


    • I am definitely not fast… never have been. The run & walk method is definitely good for a lot of people. I’m more of the slow and steady type myself… And I am definitely never going to do a 50km run. The half marathon is long enough for me. lol.


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