Decluttering Week #5 – Dresser Top & Jewelry

I had grand plans of doing lots of decluttering projects on the weekend to catch up… but then the weather was amazing, and instead of staying inside to declutter, I worked outside in the garden.

However, I did manage to spend a bit of time working on my dresser top and my jewelry, so I can at least share that small project with you.

Declutter Dresser Before

That was the top of my dresser.  It has been that way basically since we moved in a year ago.  I had a couple shoe boxes that I still hadn’t fully unpacked from moving, and I’d been adding more things to the pile as time went on.

I technically didn’t get rid of too much in this process, I mostly just put things where they were supposed to go.  I put my new socks, in my sock drawer (yes, they have kitty paw prints on them); and I put my baseball caps (hidden by the sunhat) with my other hats and scarfs.  But I did get rid of the giant sunhat.  I bought it with the notion that I would use it at the beach when suntanning… I don’t really suntan… ever… so that was a bit of a waste.  I will donate it (right now it is just on a growing pile in my basement of things to donate).

The one thing I did do was go through my old jewelry and weed out the stuff that I don’t wear anymore.  I didn’t have a lot of jewelry, but I had enough old stuff that was making it difficult to find the stuff I liked to wear.  There is now a box of jewelry that I’m going to see if my fiance’s daughter wants, or maybe pass it on to my nieces.  The stuff that is there is now all sorted out and easy to find, so hopefully I should get better use of it.

I should have probably taken some in between photos, or some photos of the stuff I got rid of, but basically I only have the before and the after photo… so without further ado, here is my results:

Declutter Dresser After

So, I haven’t caught up fully on my decluttering goal, but I have at least made forward progress.

Has anyone tackled a decluttering task recently?


5 thoughts on “Decluttering Week #5 – Dresser Top & Jewelry

  1. I’m getting ready to (try to) sell some clothes at local shops. Once I started going through all the things I’m really not going to wear again, whether from fit or because it’s just too young for me now, I was shocked. I ended up taking out nearly half of one closet and about 1/4 of the other. It’s lovely to see room in the closet!


    • I’m afraid to tackle the closet… I know I will need to eventually, but I keep putting it off… Selling some of your clothes does sound like a good plan though. Not sure I’ll want to put that effort in, or if I’ll just want to toss them in the charity donate bin and forget about them. We will see when the day comes.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story!


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