Mid-February Procrastination

I’m not sure if I really need to do a formal review of my goals again… I just published one a few weeks ago, but I want to use this blog for accountability, and for working out what is or isn’t working, and things definitely weren’t working last week…

I could make excuses that being sick and the holiday Monday totally messed with my schedule, but I also wasted time and basically wasn’t productive when I should have been… nearing the end of last week, I told myself I would get on track on the weekend… and that didn’t happen… so of course, I told myself that this week would be better, and so far it hasn’t started out so well.

In my procrastination of my actual goals, I spent some time reading various blogs around the web, and came across this post at LaughUpMySleeve.  It totally rang true with me.  I am always making excuses or reasons… yes, I will watch that one more episode of Criminal Minds (okay, that might not be my exact show at the moment, but it was the example on her post) and then all of a sudden it is really late, I’m tired and going to bed way too late, without getting any of my evening chores done… which of course spills in to the morning, because then my morning routine includes things that should have already been done… which makes me “late” for work (as I’ve mentioned before, I am extremely lucky to not have a strict arrival time at work)…

Anyway, the point is that I need to make less excuses, and get my focus back.  It’s already Tuesday evening, and I am going away for the weekend on Friday morning, so I only have a couple days to make a sizeable dent in my to do list and make myself feel like I am on track, and they are busy days with many other activities.  (Yes, I just made another excuse…)

So this might be a bit boring for everyone, but I think I need to get my evenings sorted out a bit better.  Here’s my plan:


  • I will make my breakfast & lunch for tomorrow and pack it tonight.
  • I will not watch any TV or play games on my iPad.
  • I will sort the garbage & recycling (garbage day is Wednesday this week).
  • I will fold my laundry and put it away.  (leftover from the weekend)
  • I will lay out my running clothes for tomorrow.
  • I will be in bed by 10:30pm.


  • I will make my breakfast & lunch for Thursday and pack it.
  • I will not watch any TV or play games on my iPad.
  • I will start laying out the stuff to pack for my weekend away.
  • I will start on preparing my documentation for my professional goal #1.
  • I will be in bed by 10:30pm.


  • I will make my breakfast & lunch for Friday and pack it.
  • I will only watch the Canucks game on TV.
  • I will pack my car for my weekend away.
  • I will lay out my running clothes for tomorrow.
  • If there is time, I will continue working on my documentation for my professional goal #1.
  • I will be in bed by 10:30pm.


  • I will write a follow up post on how I did on this list this week.
  • I will write out a to-do list for my Sunday evening when I arrive home from my trip (to get next week started on the right foot).

Do you procrastinate or make excuses?  Do you have an evening routine to help keep you organized in the mornings?


4 thoughts on “Mid-February Procrastination

  1. I can be a huge procrastinator but started making lists of what I plan to do that day and set times around it. So I would have something like 9AM – yoga, 10AM – breakfast, 10:30AM – clean bathroom, etc. It really helps me to stay on track 🙂

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    • Good idea! That might help… I’ve already gone a bit off track on this plan… maybe putting in some times would help me. I may have overestimated how much time I would have in the evenings this week… putting times on to things may have helped me prevent that.


  2. Thanks for referencing my post! I’m glad I’m not alone in my excuse making abilities!

    Good luck with keeping focused on your goals and your routine. I find it very dedicated that you are able to clearly map out what you want to do and when. That’s great and admirable. Keep us updated!

    Also as the above poster pointed out, lists are great- in big bold letters! Having something tangible to correlate with your daily goals or routines makes it a lot easier to stick to them!!

    Have a great day!

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