Decluttering Week #2 – Lunch Containers

I am already a bit behind on my decluttering tasks… hopefully I can catch up…

Week #1’s decluttering task took longer than I had hoped (I have finally finished shredding all my papers!), and my before and after pictures weren’t all that exciting.  I really would have liked to have something awesome and dramatic for week #2, but my tupperware and lunch containers are not that…

I still hadn’t unpacked the lunch containers from the cardboard box that most of them were packed in when we moved… back in February of last year.  We use them quite regularly, and slowly they have been falling behind the cardboard box and disappearing in to the depths of the corner cabinet.

(Side note: I really dislike the cabinets in my kitchen and I hope that we will be able to do a kitchen reno in the not too distant future… probably not for a couple years though…)

Here are my before pictures:


As soon as I had all of the containers out of the cupboard, my big cat decided he wanted to help me with my task.

Big Cat helping with my decluttering.

There wasn’t much decluttering really, just organizing.  I got rid of a few items that didn’t belong in that cupboard and had not been used since we moved in.  And I’m sure I could have been a bit more severe in my discarding of excess containers, but I mostly just got rid of bottoms without lids, and lids without bottoms, and a couple sets that we really never use.  Once the containers were slightly decreased, I used two storage bins that I picked up at Target to organize them.  Bottoms in one, lids in the other.  We still have a lot of containers, but at least now they are organized and no longer in the box we moved them in.


And then I kicked Big Cat out and everything went back in to the cupboard. The final product:


Not super dramatic, but will definitely make my lunch making process easier.

What do you do for organizing lunch containers?


4 thoughts on “Decluttering Week #2 – Lunch Containers

  1. Oooh, I like having the baskets to hold the containers. We have way more lids than bottoms now, somehow. And I switched from Ziploc to Rubbermaid, so they’re not all universal, which makes it hard to find the proper bottom and top. Plus, they landslide out of the cupboard at me all the time. It’s my intention this evening to match all the bottoms with the respective tops, and then get rid of the rest. 🙂


    • I think I had the same thing… lots of lids that were missing the bottoms… Not sure why…
      Most of my containers are the same brand, so that makes it easier, but I’d like to move toward glass containers eventually.
      Good luck with your matching this evening.


  2. Nice one! We don’t have all that many lunch boxes as it’s usually just me using them for a few days a week – if we have left overs which we don’t really have much anyhow *lol* so they’re all shoved in a narrow cupboard place where it’s basically just them. The other day I found out we were missing one – a good shaped one! I couldn’t find it anymore but it was funny because a friend had given me one with food and told me I could keep the container, that she had plenty, so I didn’t have to buy a new one *lol*.


    • We do really have too many containers, but I have a tendency to leave them at work… so it’s not always full. We make dinner with the plan for leftovers so that we don’t have to buy lunches.

      It totally sucks to lose one of your good containers! I misplaced my favourite glass bowl that I like to use for my lunches, and was really sad, but luckily I found it again (at work…).

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